Dr-Kelly-Eubanks-Liberation-Chiropractor-Mobile-AL-400x600Dr. Kelly Eubanks is a Mobile native where she graduated high school at Baker, then went on to acquire a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of South Alabama (GO JAGS). She was a new mother searching out the best ways to keep her family healthy, including two small children, when her and her husband Justin were referred to Dr. Bucknell by a good friend back in 2010. She was intrigued by the profession of Chiropractic and began to educate on the principles and holistic practices that make up the foundation. After several conversations with Dr. Bucknell, she knew she had found her calling in this amazing profession that looks to the spine and central nervous system for the cause of dis-ease rather than masking symptoms with drugs, or surgery in which there is no turning back. She and her family then moved to Marietta Georgia for her to attend Life University, where she had a third child at home with the presence of a midwife before receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2016. Dr. Eubanks has a passion for helping children reach their innate potential by removing interference in the spine restoring the central nervous system to optimal performance. She, her husband, and three children Noah, Olivia and Selah now live in West Mobile where it all began so that she can spread the word that changed her family’s lives. In her spare time she is spending time with her family, running them to baseball games and tumbling, and doing all the other things a mom does.