Systemic Formulas – Accell Therapeutic Net wt .920 G


Accell© Therapeutic provides nutritional support as the foundation for every natural health program. It is a carefully compounded, nutritionally enhanced, Wheelwright balanced, powdered, nutritional beverage designed for the nutritional support of key body systems.

Protein balanced – Rice protein provides both the tissue building blocks as well as energy while maintaining a low glycemic index, also hypo-allergenic.

Herbs – Easy to mix and use as required. Non-genetically modified ingredients. Accell© Therapeutic contains an herbal base of blended ingredients that work together to provide natural synergists and phytonutrients.

Fat & cholesterol free – Fats are omitted from the formula to avoid rancidity; essential fatty acids are provided via other Systemic Formulas.

Easy to mix and use as required.

Potent! One dose is equivalent to a bottle of capsules.

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