The vaccine didn’t end the pandemic.

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Look at the chart above carefully paying attention to dates. From October to just beginning of December cases were increasing dramatically as does sickness in the winter (think sunlight…Vitamin D). Then the new cases began to level off through December. Then from January 8th through February cases have dropped from about 300,000 new cases per day steadily and rapidly down to just 30,000 new cases per day. Dates are important because the textbooks and history books will be written that the vaccine caused these declines. Yet December 14th you can read the news that “first covid-19 vaccines given in the US” and as of today March 15th only 35 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. There are approximately 332 Million people in the United States, meaning less than 10% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Considering the number always floated by the CDC WHO and the likes to push vaccine agendas is 97% must be vaccinated to reach herd immunity, you can see we’re nowhere close. Regardless, there is about a 90% drop in new cases. Considering the indications that front line health care workers themselves are one of the most skeptical groups unlikely to get the shot, and that less than half the population may want it at all, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see that 97%. That won’t stop them though, they’ll still claim the 90% drop for their vaccines just like they did in similar situation with Polio and Measles. It’s a shame, but as the saying goes “history is written by the winners”. 

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