For patients relocating to other areas, we try to help find a capable Doctor to take over care. Use the links below to see if there are certified doctors in the area. While these certifications are suggested by Dr. Bucknell as a starting point, we can not guarantee that the doctors will be competent in Nutrition, Detoxification, Wellness, Spinal Correction, Children’s Care, etc. Only visiting the doctors office will allow you to decide if it is an adequate transfer after which we will gladly transfer records at your request.

Recommendations for interviewing potential Doctors/Clinics

1. Call first and ask “I’m not fond of x-rays, do you insist on getting them to start care in your office?” While Dr. Bucknell is also not fond of x-ray radiation, they are without a doubt necessary and worthwhile to correct the much more dangerous problem of subluxation. If a new patient asks us this question over the phone they would never be answered “no of course not”, but instead would be given consultation with the doctor to discuss in detail before proceeding. The point in this question is reverse, to see if they will let YOU determine if they need x-rays or not. If the answer is “no of course not”, then you are likely at an office where the doctors think they can provide adequate care without seeing your spine which of course Dr. Bucknell would disagree with great vigor.

2. Ask for a tour before consultation, and look around intently at the clinic. What qualifications does the doctor have? Is the office full of corrective therapies you are familiar with or a bunch of medical oriented devices like ultrasound and e-stim? What message does the clinic convey to patients? What message does the staff communicate to you as to the purpose and goals of care?

3. Consult with the doctor before care. Ask how he determines the problem and course of care? What are the goals long and short term? How do they educate patients on an ongoing basis? What engagement level do they take in the local community and on major health issues?