Insight Millennium Thermography

Insight-MilleniumChiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) offers chiropractic technology that has been specifically developed to accomplish just that. CLA’s comprehensive INSiGHT scanning technologies has been certified by the Space Foundation to prove a reliable, scientifically valid, quantitative and multidimensional representation of patient well-being. Chiropractors can now analyze a patient’s condition more accurately, communicate findings more effectively while allowing both the doctor and patient to track the effectiveness of treatment. The INSiGHT system also produces a detailed chiropractic report of findings that patients can use as a building block to map their progress as they pursue a healthy lifestyle. CLA’s INSiGHT Technology can detect hidden patterns of stress and tension, shedding a light on internal changes in the body. By establishing a baseline and identifying potential problem areas, the INSiGHT technologies help chiropractors determine the most effective path when caring for each patient. Chiropractors and their patients can instantly review their results in a colorful, easy-to-understand report. This report brings to life the importance of chiropractic care for the individual. Daily stress can damage health by creating fatigue, back pain, lowered stress resistance and weight gain. Accurately measuring the effects of stressors on the nervous system allows practitioners to provide patients with better care and more tangible feedback. This provides the sort of ongoing value that turns one-time patients into long-term advocates.

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Nutritional Counseling


A good nutrition consultation shouldn’t feel like a lecture about what you should be doing, and you shouldn’t feel as though you’re being scolded or judged on your eating habits, either. At Liberation, we strive to make nutrition counseling as enjoyable and helpful as possible. We take the time to listen closely and to understand where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to help achieve your goals.

Who Can Benefit from a Nutrition Consult?

Lots of people can benefit from working with a nutrition expert, for many different reasons whether you need a complete diet overhaul, are looking to manage a medical condition, want to fine-tune your food choices, or get inspiration for new, healthy recipes. It’s best to book a nutrition consultation after a check-up with your primary care provider. That can help inform whether you have any specific conditions that can be addressed with nutrition, such as elevated blood sugar or cholesterol, or blood pressure issues.

While some patients come in for a nutrition consultation to learn more about how their food choices affect their health, others end up in our office at their doctor’s suggestion. The following are just a few of the conditions that can benefit specifically from dietary interventions:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Celiac disease
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Pregnancy

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Digital Motion Xray (DMX)

Digital-Motion-X-ray-DMXAdvanced diagnostic imaging offers tremendous benefits to patients. Digital Motion X-ray, also known as DMX is an innovative new imaging system combining time tested and proven fluoroscopy with modern digital technology to dramatically reduce radiation exposure the patient while creating sharp precise video of the patient live and in full motion. To put it in perspective, one full DMX study is less than 1/6 the exposure of a CT scan.

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NAOMI DR digital X-ray


Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing, reducing waste and retakes, and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images as needed. Also, less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography saving you and your family unnecessary exposure with standard x-ray systems. Instead of x-ray film, NAOMI digital radiography uses a digital image capture device. This gives advantages of immediate image preview and availability; elimination of non-environmentally friendly processing steps; a wider dynamic range, which makes it more forgiving for over-and under-exposure; as well as the ability to apply special image processing techniques that enhance overall display of the image.

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The best and most popular posture and movement analysis software on the market is always in the palm of your hand. Designed for fitness professionals, chiropractors, physical and manual therapists who wish to screen for movement & postural dysfunction and prescribe corrective exercises.

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Health Risk Assessment


The Wellness and Prevention Solutions Health Risk Assessment is the first health measurement that assesses Allostatic Load (adaptive physiological status), Lifestyle Stressor Load, and Physical and Psychosocial Quality of Life and then analyzes and combines this data into a single and direct rating of current and predicted future wellness and prevention – the Wellness and Prevention Index. For patients who are already suffering with chronic illness and/or symptoms the Wellness and Prevention Solutions Health Risk Assessment will provide knowledge and understanding of how their past and current lifestyle and environments are causing the allostatic load that is the physiological basis of their chronic illness and/or symptoms. For those patients without diagnosed illness or symptoms, the Wellness and Prevention Protocols Health Risk Assessment has the unique ability to identify who is at risk before they experience illness or disease – this is the window for wellness and prevention that has never been available – UNTIL NOW!

The Wellness and Prevention Solutions Health Risk Assessment helps both practitioners and patients identify which past, current, and future lifestyle habits, including chiropractic care, are determining current and future health and quality of life.

The Wellness and Prevention Solutions Health Risk Assessment is based on the physiological concepts of allostasis and allostatic load. Allostasis describes how our body and mind systems adapt to internal environmental stressors (VSC, Unhealthy Emotions, Chronic Sympathetic Dominance) and external environmental stressors (Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits, Unhealthy Psychosocial environments, Polluted Environments) via adaptive changes in gene expression. Allostatic Load is a measure of the amount of accumulated stress load the body and mind systems are under due to chronic allostasis. The longer our body and mind are exposed to these chronic stressor loads from poor lifestyle habits, the more likely the adaptations in various body systems will lead to illness.

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