Halo Products Inc. – Posture Guardian PRO TM


Halo Products Posture Trainer from Dr. Mike Bucknell on Vimeo.

The Halo Products Posture Trainer is the most important posture corrective device available to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other Posture and Spine Specialists. Years of practical experience working with thousands of patients lead to developing a new approach from the ground up. Previous posture devices fail in many ways from simply retracting shoulders while not maintaining proper neck and spinal alignment, to being uncomfortable, or requiring restricted time in order to do therapy. With the Halo Products Posture Trainer, Dr. Michael Bucknell used Digital Motion X-ray technology to create and test a device with all these points in mind and more. The Halo Products Posture Trainer maintains proper spinal alignment, engages the postural muscles, and retrains the postural balance system of the brain, all while being incredibly comfortable and nonrestrictive to movement. Anyone suffering with forward head posture, postural distortions, scoliosis, slumped shoulders, or any other form of poor posture will find the Halo Products Posture Trainer to be their greatest asset in terms of home therapy and assisting their chosen practitioner/s in their corrective efforts.

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