Life is fragile, and health is not an accident

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I recently had two very good friends of mine have parents undergo tragedy. They are very different scenarios. On one hand there was a freak accident, on the other a lifestyle related incident. They both survived, and their healing processes will be very different. In one case there is someone healthy and fit, and his health choices will probably save his life. The other has a longer road ahead because of their health choices over the last decade. In light of tragedy those still on earth are reminded how fragile life is, and how easily we can take for granted the health that we may or may not have. Every day you have a choice to build health in your body, fight disease and sickness, or feed disease and sickness with your lifestyle. I write this to remind you that health is not an accident. We have to actively pursue health and wellness. Every time we work out the 7 Homeostatic Essentials, we are working to actively give our bodies what they need to live a long, healthy, active life. It is also important to remember that sickness and disease is like darkness. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. In the same way disease cannot exist in the presence of health. So love yourself and love your body enough to give it what it needs to thrive. As always, I am here to help in your journey to good health. You can email me at

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Dr. Eubanks has a passion for helping children reach their innate potential by removing interference in the spine restoring the central nervous system to optimal performance. She, her husband, and three children Noah, Olivia and Selah now live in West Mobile where it all began so that she can spread the word that changed her family’s lives.