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Dr. Mike Bucknell  /  April 1, 2014  / Nutrition,  Chiropractic, Supplementation In this presentation “The BIG FAT LIE” Dr. Michael Bucknell, founder and owner of Liberation Chiropractic & Wellness in Mobile Alabama, as well as Innate Innovations, Incorporated and REDBAR Espresso & Market, takes the attendees through what current research shows about not just weight loss but the majority of … Read More

What they’re not telling you about Cancer.

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In case you missed it, this months workshop I opened up what my sister, an ex-Pharmacist, went through to treat thyroid cancer (notice I didn’t say “her” thyroid cancer).  I’ll tell you now so you don’t disregard and miss it, she did NOT do traditional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as was recommended by her oncologists of course.  She had … Read More