CHIROPRACTIC HISTORY: The AMA Agenda To Destroy Competition

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Part Two: The Formative Years (1925 – Present Day) Dr. Mike Bucknell  /  June 23, 2015 / Nutrition,  Chiropractic, Supplementation, Education This post is a supplement to the workshop published on June 23, 2015 by Dr. Mike Bucknell and can be found on his YouTube channel at  Due to the quantity of the information, it has been separated into … Read More

What they’re not telling you about Cancer.

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In case you missed it, this months workshop I opened up what my sister, an ex-Pharmacist, went through to treat thyroid cancer (notice I didn’t say “her” thyroid cancer).  I’ll tell you now so you don’t disregard and miss it, she did NOT do traditional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as was recommended by her oncologists of course.  She had … Read More

Social Media Whac-A-Mole

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I wrote this article on Facebook probably a year ago or more.  In a recent “discussion” regarding an undisclosed highly debated topic on Facebook, I found myself in the midst once again of the characters portrayed.  So for your reading enjoyment and to now forever be searchable on my website….enjoy. SOCIAL MEDIA WHAC-A-MOLE You know the game. Your objective is to smash … Read More

How NOT to get screwed in a car wreck – Part 2

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In the last blog post (yeah it’s been a few months) I went through the common mistakes people make after getting hit.  If you haven’t read that and have recently been in one you should revisit HERE.  Now I’m going to give you the immediate action steps to take after a collision. 1.  Most people decide what they will do … Read More

Chiropractic History

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In this workshop Dr. Bucknell covers the nauseating history filled with corruption that Chiropractic has survived. Organized Medicine has made every attempt over the last century to maintain it’s power grab. But there is hope looking back at what has made Chiropractic the largest alternative health profession in the world today. Please visit our YouTube Channel to view the entire … Read More


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“There is a simple reason health care in the United States cost more than it does anywhere else: The prices are higher.” – The Washington Post poliTICKED: The Politics of Healthcare a workshop presented by the owner of Liberation Chiropractic in Mobile, AL; Dr. Michael Bucknell talks about the politics behind healthcare. The entrapment of the patient, and the hypocrisy that has kept … Read More


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StressLess A supplement to the workshop held at Liberation Chiropractic  in July, 2015. You can view the workshop in it’s entirety on Dr. Mike Bucknell’s Youtube Channel In this workshop Dr. Mike Bucknell will transform the way you see stress. You will see it in a way you’ve never done before. We are in a culture where stress is to … Read More

Liberation from Neck Pain

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This is a supplement to the workshop presented by Michael Bucknell D.C., B.S of Liberation Chiropractic in Mobile, Alabama. He discusses the most common causes of neck pain, how we differentiate between the various causes, what not to do when treating and why, and what to do for the fastest resolution and why. If you have neck pain, this will help you … Read More

Raising Healthy Kids from Conception : Part 3 – Circumcision

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The Holistic Parents Guide to Raising Kids in the 21st Century This post is a supplement to the workshop published on May 23, 2014 by Dr. Mike Bucknell and can be found on his YouTube channel at Due to the quantity of information it has been separated into three parts.   Raising Healthy Kids from Conception : Part 1 – Chiropractic, nutrition, … Read More


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This is the followup event to the DEAFiciency workshop where Dr. Bucknell uncovers the most widespread deficiencies today. In this event heexpands on the maintenance diets and protocols to ensure you and your family don’t fall into these categories which are the underlying and undeniably intentfull reasons behind much chronic illness we see today.You can watch the DEAFiciencies FULLFILLED workshop on … Read More