How bad will 2023 get?

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It’s scary times. If you’ve been reading my emails the last few years, or watching our YouTube channel (if not, good luck finding it as Google “blacklisted” us so doesn’t populate in searches) you are well aware that things have played out almost exactly as we predicted they would. We’re seeing news now that COVID death numbers were purposely overinflated … Read More


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It’s been a long….long…..loooooooong time coming but it’s finally happened. Since purchasing the property like 4-5 years ago, despite a pandemic and all that brought, despite countless hurdles, delays, etc we are finally moved into our new building located at 7681 Old Shell Road. And boy is it a GEM! I can’t wait to show everyone in person so hurry … Read More

Superficial Determination

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I want to point out a stunning phenomenon that is a direct result of Western Medicine “Outside-In” mechanistic thinking. We’ll take three examples: A woman is told she requires a hysterectomy because she has a history of hormonal imbalance issues. She’s told that removing her female organs will end her problems as they’re no longer there to cause pain etc. … Read More

This can be YOUR year…welcome to the Liberation Blog

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It is 2016, have you awaken from the Holi”daze” yet?  Right NOW is the time to decide how this year will go.  Will you do like most, set high flying resolutions and intentions just to see February come around already missed?  I want to help you this year to become your year of transformation.  We are kicking off the Liberation … Read More