Superficial Determination

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I want to point out a stunning phenomenon that is a direct result of Western Medicine “Outside-In” mechanistic thinking. We’ll take three examples:

  1. A woman is told she requires a hysterectomy because she has a history of hormonal imbalance issues. She’s told that removing her female organs will end her problems as they’re no longer there to cause pain etc. As I’m sure you know many who have had this surgery, it doesn’t usually take a lot of convincing.
  2. A woman has breast cancer and is told she needs to have a double mastectomy. She ponders her options but chooses to go with it because she’s assured she can have reconstructive surgery later.
  3. A woman is bitten by a spider and develops a bad infection. As a result they advise she remove a finger. 

Of these three scenarios, the first is typically the easiest to swallow. The reason is actually pretty simple, because you don’t “see” the loss. Because you can’t actually visualize the missing parts, you don’t miss them even though it often results in all kinds of other problems later like prolapsed bladders, intestinal issues, hormone replacement drugs for life, etc.  

The second is harder because you definitely see the loss every time you get out of the shower. However FEAR is the most powerful motivator so it overrides any other thought. The fear of dying from cancer for most is more pressing than having to look in the mirror. 

The last one though I’ve seen this a number of times with fingers, toes, etc. People will fight to keep all their digits quite strongly. They’ll go through all kinds of surgeries to try to fix the parts you can see. Interesting considering if you lose one you have nine left, and doesn’t affect digestion hormones or any other really vital functions. 

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about all your parts. What I’m saying is you should care just as much about the organs you can’t see as the ones you can. In fact you should be far more concerned as they all provide real and important functions. So the next time you’re told you need something removed, really think twice. Yes there are emergencies, but often times that’s “stretched” a bit beyond real necessity to get a surgery out of you before the problem has time to self resolve.

Chapter 7: Physical Balance

This is an excerpt from Dr. Mike’s Book “The 7 Homeostatic Essentials: The Not-so-secrets to feeling better and living longer”.


Unfortunately, due to traumas (both major and minor), poor posture, incompetent ergonomics, and most important complete negligence on behalf of our medical system to the concept of subluxation, the vast majority of the human race has untreated spinal deformities leading to health problems that are later treated with drugs and surgeries. For the record, even Chiropractors are guilty of this tragedy. Too many of them have spent their careers being pain practitioners because it’s easy, as that’s what patients are already looking for as I just described. Very few of them communicate and practice spinal restoration in adults, let alone the dramatic importance of having children adjusted from birth. Considering birth traumas, falls, collisions, sleeping in car seats, etc. children develop small misalignments in their spine at very young ages. If left uncorrected, their body, not able to correct on its own, is forced to do the next best thing which is develop abnormal curve patterns and compensations to minimize the systemic impact of the problem. As their bodies continue to grow and develop they do so around these compensations. By the time they are an adult they have permanent deformities that not even a qualified corrective Chiropractor can restore. I’ve had my share of scoliosis patients who have vertebrae shaped like trapezoids instead of cubes from this process, and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Needless to say, I urge strongly for all of my patients to get their children under care as soon as possible even if that means minor adjustments on a monthly or quarterly basis. Good enough in terms of spinal health is not good enough for my kids.


Have your kids been evaluated for subluxation and spinal deformities? If not, I can’t urge you strongly enough. The difference it makes in spinal mechanic development and lifelong health is NOT something you can “make up for” later.

Building update

Progress is coming along fast on the building. As you can see permanent power has been completed so the parking lights are now on. Brick started yesterday and should be done in about a week. Most of the glass and doors have been installed. Interior about 80% is done of framing and rest will be completed in the next week or two. HVAC and other interior finishing will start soon as the rest of windows and security doors are finished. So we’re on track to open around May 1st! When finished this will be one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced buildings on the Gulf Coast.

We Appreciate Your Referrals!

This is an exciting time with the new building getting so close but it’s a major project that takes a lot of time, and a lot of money. Unlike many institutions like big hospitals who get government money, we’ve done it without ever asking anyone for a handout. We build by HELPING PEOPLE. So all we ask is that if you know someone we can help, send them our way. Every patient we serve lays bricks and paints walls.

With is being the start of the new year, most insurance policies have reset. For example, if you’re an employee of the City or school system then most policies have NO deductibles and coverage of 18 visits with just a copay. But even if you don’t have insurance, we offer ChiroHealth USA which gives discounts on your care including capped fees for New Patient Exams.

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