Ready for some change?

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I hope, like me, you chuckled a bit when reading that question. I know the majority of people I talk to aren’t exactly “content” with where things are right now. All the outside influences at play are rightfully distressing. The economy, politics, special interests, wars and commentary, rampant corruption, it’s all in your face (and in your pocket) in dizzying fashion. If you’re not in a bubble, you probably can sense right now that little increase in heart rate and blood pressure with just the thought of it all.

Sure it’s easy to get locked in on all this. Yet at the same time there is a positive, in fact quite a few to get excited at what 2024 “could” bring. Where we are now takes me back to a moment early in the “COVID pandemic” where we posted a video where I said one of two things was going to happen regarding the push behind the vaccine:
1. Big pharma would use the pandemic to successfully remove ALL vaccine exemptions, completely dismantling personal health freedom and thereby installing essentially a medical police state where any future vaccines could be forced on the public in order to participate in society in any meaningful way. Or…
2. They would push too hard because it was “too big to fail”, and in doing so would drive a further massive margin of the population against them for good.

Thankfully option 2 won the day. Where we were the “spreaders of misinformation” even to the point I know patients we’d known for years wondered, we have since been proven spot on by mountains of evidence. In the 2+ years since it all began, I have systematically asked every single new patient in my clinic if they took the shot and if they’d take another, and only TWO of literally hundreds have said in that time that they planned to get another booster. Almost unanimously every person says to some extent “No way I’ll ever get another” and most “regret getting it”. That’s a seismic shift in less than four years.

Apply that same logic now, to the start of 2024. The population has been pushed and force fed so much garbage that the tide has turned not as a ripple, but as a wave. The pushback is proving massive on many fronts and groups who I never thought would switch their sides, well they are. The media and corporate influences are clearly in panic mode as they desperately try to tame it and get a strangle hold back on the necks of the general public. Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is sitting back chuckling at it all as he’s given free speech back to the public through his purchase of Twitter. You know it’s bad when the corporate media has gone from delivering actual “news” to merely reacting to what normal people are posting on X. Information has now surpassed what they can control and returned power of decision back to the people.

Personally I see a sunrise on the horizon. After a long winter, the buds of spring are starting to peak out from what appeared to be dead wood. Unless we fall back to sleep, or are shocked back into slumber by some massive staged global event, the revolution I feel will continue to move towards a stronger and more unified future. If we’re lucky, even the trend of wearing pajamas as clothes will end. Here’s to HOPE.

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