UK announces END of COVID measures

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Whirlwind of news coming around if you haven’t been keeping up.

Biden’s vaccine mandate affecting MILLIONS of Americans, requiring businesses to force employees to get vaccinated or be fired FAILED in the Supreme Court by a vote of 6-3. LINK

Starbucks announced they are scrapping all requirements on employees to be vaccinated. LINK Mind you this is a company with about 2.7 Million employees globally.

In lesser circulated news but equally indicative of the near future, Professor Cyrille Cohen head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government made some game changing statements publicly. He said Israel’s notorious Green Pass (vaccine passport) is no longer relevant and should be phased out, the vaccines were a disappointment and did not prevent transmission as intended, closing schools was a mistake, widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity otherwise known as natural herd immunity (as we called early in should have been left to happen rather than closing beaches and locking down society), and that COVID will be “like flu”. LINK

Now one of the most interesting of all stories in the last few days. The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of vaccine mandates including vaccine passports, face masks, etc on Wednesday. This is a massive blow to the vaccine and all those wishing to make vaccine passports (digital IDs) a requirement to function in society. LINK That said, while this decision is certainly backed by a vast amount of logic and science, I must admit it’s probably equally self serving. Boris Johnson himself is now under threat of being voted out in “no confidence” as evidence mounts in what is being called “Partygate”. In a nutshell Boris is now exposed as guilty of throwing “industrial level parties” during the most restrictive parts of the pandemic while lying to government officials and continuing to push restrictive public policies. LINK Sounds a lot like many of our public officials doesn’t it? LINK

2022 is shaping up to be one wild year, and possibly quite satisfying if the first few weeks is any indicator. Maybe there is still hope for sanity in the world.


Imagine for a moment if what you see above happened with Polio. With Polio the number of cases had already slid massively headed to being over before the vaccine even began, yet they rode the wave to say “the vaccine eradicated polio”. Here we are now, it’s 2022 two years of this, over 62% of the US population fully vaxxed and a large percentage of those even taking a booster because they acknowledged the vaccine doesn’t do what a vaccine is intended to do in the first place (make you immune), yet we now have the largest case spike ever by about four fold. And the big point, as you’ve probably first hand witnessed being vaccinated or not is making no difference in getting it or not. The best they have is “but you’ll have less symptoms”. What? So the point of vaccines went from immunity to maybe less symptoms?

Why then is the US Supreme Court still even entertaining the idea of upholding Biden’s mandate forcing everyone to take the shot? It doesn’t do what it’s intended to do or keep you from spreading, and it certainly hasn’t stopped or even slowed down COVID. What I can tell you is Trump failed pouring BILLIONS into saving the world with “Operation Warp Speed”. Biden failed making forced vaccination a requirement to participate in society. This is NON partisan, we’ve been failed by both sides of politics. What this is, is the single BIGGEST FAILURE in the history of modern medicine. Let’s start calling it what it is.

The only silver lining is, nature is doing what nature does and might fix it all for us before they get what they want. Each “variant” gets weaker, and this one is quite so. So with massive massive spread of a severely weakened virus we can reach actual herd immunity, natural herd immunity that only comes from exposure. Enough people get it and get over it quickly, the faster it falls off a cliff and dies. Maybe we’re in the dying moments of the COVID era, and that’s why they’re desperately trying to push through our highest court. 

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