Analyzing Recent COVID Data

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According to data from Johns Hopkins University freely available online, roughly 75% of deaths in the United States occurred in patients 65 years or older. Now you might say, oh well that’s not that surprising because the elderly are the most vulnerable. However when taken with previously found data that about HALF of all COVID deaths have been in nursing … Read More

Who’s “misinformation”?

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The desperation is getting more fierce as the degree of public mistrust and lack of “compliance” gets clearer and clearer. From July 4th when Biden originally set the 70% vaccinated target, to July 26th over half a month later, the percentage has barely moved up just 0.9% to just 55.8% of the population getting even the first shot (only 49.1% … Read More

Why the saga continues…

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I was on the phone with my dad in Indianapolis and he asked “Hey, did you hear Dr. Fauci’s latest summer guidance? He says that if you wear two bathing suits it’s safe to pee in the pool.” Honestly though, how is it that the “pandemic” is officially over by definition of what a pandemic is, yet we’re still talking … Read More

The vaccine didn’t end the pandemic.

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Look at the chart above carefully paying attention to dates. From October to just beginning of December cases were increasing dramatically as does sickness in the winter (think sunlight…Vitamin D). Then the new cases began to level off through December. Then from January 8th through February cases have dropped from about 300,000 new cases per day steadily and rapidly down … Read More