Update to employees in Alabama!

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So normally I don’t send out emails consecutive days, however there was a quick change of events that needs update. I sent out the last post based on the most up to date details, however the morning it went out the news broke that OSHA was convinced to back Biden’s executive order as well as them announcing they would now … Read More

Who’s “misinformation”?

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The desperation is getting more fierce as the degree of public mistrust and lack of “compliance” gets clearer and clearer. From July 4th when Biden originally set the 70% vaccinated target, to July 26th over half a month later, the percentage has barely moved up just 0.9% to just 55.8% of the population getting even the first shot (only 49.1% … Read More

Must be nice…

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One thing I’m sure you’re aware of is that those who hunger for power and control are not satisfied until they have it. So where does this all go from here? You may have already seen the “shift” in rhetoric over the last few weeks. “News” articles are replicating left and right with the same idea that the non-vaccinated are … Read More