Update to employees in Alabama!

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So normally I don’t send out emails consecutive days, however there was a quick change of events that needs update. I sent out the last post based on the most up to date details, however the morning it went out the news broke that OSHA was convinced to back Biden’s executive order as well as them announcing they would now be actually filing the executive order in the federal register.

That said, in quick response Governor Kay Ivey just signed into law SB9 as seen here which allows for exemptions that employers in Alabama MUST ACKNOWLEDGE. Therefore if you or anyone you know works at Austal, a local hospital, etc who to this point has held out on being coerced to take the jab, you now have the ammunition I’ve been urging everyone to hold out and wait for as it was bound to come in some form or fashion.

I’ve taken the liberty to prepare the form with the exact verbiage from the bill/law which you can print here. Your best bet remains to claim the religious exemption, the last line item as your personal beliefs and convictions is nobody’s business to question. However if you need a medical exemption, anyone who is an actual patient with an actual concern I’m willing to sign.

I don’t mean to be rude, this is more a battle call for the future. If you have held your ground until now, congratulations it pays off to fight back. If however you jumped the gun and went along with the ungrounded threats and complete disregard for your personal freedoms, I hope from this day forward you remember this moment and fight like hell the next time someone attempts to coerce you and violate your constitutional freedoms that thousands have given their lives for us to enjoy. The threat to them was certainly greater than the threats to you.

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