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One thing I’m sure you’re aware of is that those who hunger for power and control are not satisfied until they have it. So where does this all go from here?

You may have already seen the “shift” in rhetoric over the last few weeks. “News” articles are replicating left and right with the same idea that the non-vaccinated are susceptible to the new delta variant. First of all, this is ridiculous scientifically. Any so called variant is likely to have less than 1% change in it’s makeup. The way immunity works, when you’re exposed to a virus your immune system essentially chops up any virus into fragments then looks at all the pieces. If say 50% or more of those fragments match what it’s seen before, it knows what to do to mount a sufficient response. So slight variations aren’t typically any more deadly unlike something you’ve never been exposed to at all. Could it give you some symptoms like the yearly flu, yeah sure, but will it kill you when you’ve already been exposed to it before, unlikely (yes of course the elderly, the weak, the sick from multiple other diseases are more susceptible to the flu etc but that’s just a fact of life this not being any different or more deadly). Bottom line, otherwise healthy individuals have very little to be concerned about when a virus has a 99.9% survival rate. So here’s what you can pretty much guarantee at this point in time:

  1. Over the last year whether you’ve “gotten sick” or not, you’ve surely been exposed (no matter face masks or not) somewhere sometime. YES you can be exposed and create immunity without ever knowing it, that’s how awesome and “everyday miraculous” your immune system is. Ever heard “the experts” talk about that over the last year? No they just calculate positive tests which any real expert knows is maybe 10% at best of those actually exposed. So if there’s 34 Million confirmed cased to date, multiply that by ten and you have roughly the population of the entire United States. Now does it seem ironic that we see numbers slim to nothing at this point despite less than half the population getting the vaccine? That’s natural herd immunity, that’s how it’s always worked long before Pharma arrived.
  2. Any so called variant that now comes along, you already have the pattern for. If you’ve weathered the first, probability is you’ll be fine.
  3. The vaccine isn’t guaranteed protection anyways considering cases are now reporting daily on “Covid confirmed after vaccinated”. In fact Israel is forced to report that vaccine efficacy has dropped to a mere 64% even by “conservative” early results. It’s not looking good for Pharma. So why risk the side effects or even death if it’s not a guarantee?

So why then? You can probably finish the script yourself but I’ll fill you in. There is at least 30-40% of the population now especially those under 30 who will NOT get the vaccine by choice, no matter what they say or do, and they know it. And rightfully so considering the mounting 5000+ deaths and now myocarditis due directly to the vaccine. This is bad BAD news for Big Pharma as it shows younger generations are moving away, just as Big Pharma is moving away from drugs towards vaccines as they hold zero liability. So seeing your future customers moving away from where you’re going is bad news. How do you resolve this?

When asking fails you have to persuade more sternly, so they’ll first scare who they can…hence all the news the last few weeks about this so-called variant. Problem is the actual pandemic is over with deaths down near 300 a day in the whole country. Now Biden is closing down the empty mass vaccination centers, and says they’ll now go door to door to try to persuade people. When that fails as well they know they’ll need mandates if they’re going to win. So if they can create a few stories about the unvaccinated being spreaders maybe they can make it happen. Of course this is ridiculous because IF THE VACCINE WORKED THEN THE VACCINATED HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. This is the same line of thought we’ve joked about for decades yet the line never gets old. When it’s all they have, it’s all they can go with. I wonder if they’ll come to my door…

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