How NOT to get screwed in a car wreck – Part 1

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Maybe you haven’t had a car wreck recently, or ever, but take note anyways because when you do you’ll want to know what to do!  First off, here are some of the common mistaken assumptions most people make:

  1. “It was just a fender bender so I must be fine.”
    TRUTH:  Studies show you can injure muscles, tendons, and sometimes ligaments in rear end collisions as low as 4 mph.
  2. “I didn’t feel pain right away so I figured I was fine.”
    TRUTH:  Pain from injured tissues often don’t show up for 4-6 weeks following the collision.  But make no mistake studies estimate 85% of ALL neck injuries seen by doctors are caused by auto collisions in the patients history.
  3. “There was little damage to the car so I must be fine.”
    TRUTH:  Studies show your head moves more violently than the car itself in very low speed impacts because the seat does not break like in high speed collision.
  4. “I went to the ER/MD/Urgent Care and they said I was fine.”
    TRUTH:  Their job is to make sure you are not dying.  Since all they can do otherwise is give you drugs, unless you have something broken they are going to tell you that you’re fine even if you’re not.  A good Chiropractor is best qualified to account injuries other doctors don’t even look for.
  5. “It was a nice lady that hit me so I don’t want her to have to pay for my injuries.”
    TRUTH:  The nice lady won’t have to if she did the legal thing and paid for proper insurance.  It’s the not-so-nice insurance companies who hope you make this mistake that pay for claims.
  6. “I don’t want to hire an attorney because I don’t want to have to pay them.”
    TRUTH:  This is not the way it works with a good attorney.  After all bills are paid, they are paid by the insurance company when the case settles, and most often YOU walk away with a check in hand as well to compensate for all the time this wreck caused you to lose.

These common mistakes cost thousands and thousands of injuries every year to go undiagnosed and improperly treated, then left to get worse with time.  Don’t make the same mistake.  In the next post we will give a roadmap of proper post-collision action steps to take, so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime, if you know someone who has recently been in a car wreck big or small, DON’T WAIT, have them contact us at 251-607-0040 and we’ll fill them in early what steps to take.

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Dr. Mike Bucknell

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