Important 2020 Updates

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Last chance to use 2019 Insurance Benefits:

It’s the end of November already, that means if you have unused Chiropractic visits through your insurance, you’re about to lose them. We’d be happy to verify your insurance for you and let you know exact costs to get those in before the end of the year. Call us at 251-607-0040 and we’ll help you.

Drawing for Amazon Echo:

We are currently running a raffle for a latest 3rd generation Amazon Echo valued at $94.99 just in time for the “Holidaze”. If you already have one, you know how functional they are, and surely wouldn’t mind one in another room. This makes it a perfect gift as well, one of the few items nobody will say “I already have one”. We will draw and announce the winner on Black Friday November 29th. In order to enter there are TWO steps to qualify. First go to our Facebook page and make sure you’ve already Liked it. Then, scroll down and find the post from October 28th with the picture of the Echo regarding the raffle, and comment anything in that post. During the Greater Gulf State Fair we were collecting raffles there, plus anyone meeting these two criteria. So go enter now using the link above!

Expanded Clinic Hours:

With Dr. Jordan being firmly established now and Dr. Tiffany coming in December to begin her clinical rotations before graduating in the Spring, we will be “first stage” transitioning to our new clinic hours. Starting January 1st we will be expanding our operating hours from 24 to 34.5 hours, which was never possible with just one doctor.  Here is the new schedule for the clinic and for each doctor:

CLINIC Open Hours:
Monday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Tuesday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Wednesday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Thursday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Friday: 8-11:30  2-5

Dr. Mike’s Clinic Hours:
Monday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Tuesday: AM Off  3-6:30
Wednesday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Thursday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Friday: Off

Dr. Jordan’s Clinic Hours:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Wednesday: 8-11:30  3-6:30
Thursday: AM Off  3-6:30
Friday: 8-11:30  2-5

Expanding the clinic hours by 11.5 hours every week is a 44% increase in open hours from our current schedule, which will allow us to serve more patients while decompressing the schedule to reduce congestion.  This is truly a team effort and we’re excited about the massive change.  Of course, there is the potential this could affect your personal schedule based on your doctor’s new schedule and if so, please talk with us and we’ll help with your available options.

New Building Update:

With it drawing to the end of the year, the bank is requesting we wait until January to get 2019 statements before they solidify their offer. We have architectural plans completed, all permits with both City and State approved, and many construction bids in. The construction budget however has continued to rise in some areas due to the economic boom over the last few years causing all those involved in the construction industry to have no shortage of work and to be able to charge more to pick the jobs that pay the best. Banks meanwhile are not giving fair market appraisals despite the fact that we got a bargain price on the property. We are being patient and responsible in waiting for the right time to “pull the trigger”.

Fee Schedule Changes:

Starting January 1st we will be making some changes to our fee schedule which we have not done in over 7 years. *Anyone who is currently on a care plan will NOT be affected by the new fees until a NEW care plan is started. Whether you’re currently on a Corrective plan or Wellness For Life plan, your agreed fees and payments will remain the same per your active signed agreement until that care plan is completed or changed upon your request. However anyone on a Pay Per Visit basis will of course be subject to the new fees January 1st. Here is a complete list of the changes:

Chiropractic Adjustment: Current $50 January 1st $60
Standing Traction: Current $29 January 1st $30
Scoliosis Chair: Current $50 January 1st $30
Class 4 Laser: Current $70 January 1st $60
Wellness for Life Monthly Plan: Current $120 January 1st $150
WFL Multi family member discount: Current $100 January 1st $130
WFL Child or Full Time Student: Current $60 January 1st $90

* Due to the increasing rates for Wellness For Life Plans, NOW would be the time to add your family members and lock in rates before the increase takes place. As long as that plan remains active you will retain that rate. If you discontinue for any reason, naturally you will be subject to the new rates when reactivated.

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