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Isn’t it sad that we should feel bad these days for sharing excitement? I mean, the world is surely ending according the media and only face coverings, regime changes, and fighting global warming can save us. As much as we spend most days cringing at what’s being reported by mainstream media, we do in fact have a lot of things to be excited about.

First of which, WE WERE RIGHT. All along we’ve been right. Since January we’ve logged stories, shared graphs and statistics, warned of mass distortions of skewed “facts”, and looked into our crystal ball to foreshadow the “endgame” of procuring and eventually mandating not just a COVID vaccine but ALL vaccines by using this as the greatest medical bait and switch of all time. That endgame is yet to come, but mark my words if we sit idly by the day is coming when “all you have to do to put your mask away, is take the vaccine”.

But is that really the only option? Hardly. History is written, and probably the greatest exposure of this great manipulation is Sweden.

Ignore the spin master media and look at the data. This is the TRUTH. This is what NO LOCKDOWN looks like. A population of 10 Million people, with 85,000 cases and only 5,787 deaths as of Aug 17th. To put this in comparison New York state alone has over 32,000 deaths with just under 20 Million people. That means Sweden has half the population of New York but under one fifth of the deaths! The pandemic has been over there for some time now, despite the fact that their people never stopped living their lives, never stopped going to work, their kids never stopped playing.

Look at that and ask yourself, do we need a vaccine? Here’s what you won’t hear on CNN. According to Robert F Kennedy Jr, “In Moderna’s Phase 1 trial, 21% of the high dose group experience serious illness warranting medical intervention and hospitalization. Moderna therefore abandoned the high dose as too dangerous. However in the Phase 2 trial 80% of the medium and low dose groups had adverse reactions after the first jab and 100% after the second.”

Did that stop Dr. Fauci? Nope. He secured 100 MILLION DOSES with guaranteed taxpayer funded payment of 1.5 BILLION. According to an article in the Economist, he secured this US funding at 10 TIMES the dose price for vaccines as European regulators are paying for COVID vaccines.

This guy has got to go. Why do we have these “swamp creature” experts advising our leaders? President Trump, like him or not, was put in an impossible situation of either listening to this “industry operative” or guaranteeing defeat in the next election taking the blame himself for “not listening to the expert”. What would you do in that kind of situation? But now we have the data to prove he should NEVER HAVE A PODIUM AGAIN. #FireFauci

As for you, say NO to this monster shot when they’re offering it to you for “free”. (Remember, it’s not really free any more than anything government funded is. We pay for it, through taxes now and in the future, every penny.)

Dr. Mike Bucknell

We won…now YOU win!

Next exciting piece of news, we won our second Nappie award! Thank you for all of you who voted for us. With that exciting news, we want to give back!

It’s not often we run specials, in fact haven’t done it in a few years now. But for a Limited Time all new and previous patients can call and mention “Nappies $79” and you’ll get your Initial Exam, Posture Pro, Insight, X-rays, plus your first Chiropractic Adjustment and Report of Findings for only $79. That’s normally up to $318 value. So call now at 251-607-0040 and take advantage while you can.

We added our Third Doctor on staff

This is really cool. Dr. Mike has been Dr. Tiffany’s Chiropractor since she was about 12 years old. We are all so proud of her, and so excited to add her to our team. Check out her Doctor profile here https://liberationchiropractic.com/tiffany-jones-d-c-b-s/

We are REALLY close to construction!

It’s been a long time coming, in fact two years, but we are finally closing in on starting construction. It seems like so long ago that we sent out an email about our purchase of the land at Old Shell and Alverson Road. Now after so much planning, so many changes, we are almost to the point where everything is together. All of this is in time as we have financing lined up. The irony is, because of the “pandemic”, it couldn’t be a better time with interest rates to get the ball rolling. So we are glad we were patient as that was not the case end of last year. So stay tuned and watch for the clearing to begin SOON.

Dr. Mike recognized by Life University

Recently Dr. Mike was recognized by Life University in Marietta Georgia for sending now SEVEN students over his “short” 16 year career to become Chiropractors. This is quite an achievement rarely reached by Chiropractors in their entire careers. It’s so rare an achievement that Life University honors this occasion with a blazer crested with their logo. For patients you can see the blazer now displayed in the lobby.

About Dr. Michael Bucknell

Doctor Bucknell is a licensed and board certified Doctor of Chiropractic, well-known wellness expert on radio and TV, accomplished author, patent-holding inventor, and entrepreneur. He is extension faculty of Life University, served as the USA Judo, Wrestling, and Weightlifting team's Wellness Advisor and Team Doctor, and NBC Local 15 Gulf Coast's correspondent at the 2012 London Olympics.