Are you ready to give up your rights?

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Thursday June 13th the governor of New York signed a bill to end religious exemptions from vaccines, violating their own state constitution “No person shall be denied equal protection of the laws of this state or any subdivision thereof. No person shall, because of race, color, creed, or religion, be subjected to any discrimination in his or her civil rights by any other person or by any firm, corporation, or institution, or by the state or any agency or subdivision of the state.”

At the same time, New York is looking to become the first state to decriminalize prostitution. Apparently the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and trading of young women for money is less of a concern than a rash that has only been linked to 11 deaths in the last 19 years (Yes, I linked a pro-vax site as evidence. There’s been zero this year, and keep in mind these 11 probably died from pneumonia etc not actually measles). Governor Cuomo also signed the Reproductive Health Act just in January expanding abortion rights and eliminating several restrictions. The health and wellbeing of children is clearly priority number one right?

The double standard is sickeningly clear. It makes it blatantly obvious that “public safety” as it’s repeated in the news is not the real issue here (unless it’s safety for some and not for others….which is discrimination by definition).

Seriously though, it was already obvious in that 1 in 38 boys are now autistic, a permanent and debilitating neurological impairment, yet there is literally zero political effort to look at every possible cause to investigate. They refuse to do direct comparison studies of vaccinated vs non-vaccinated children as individual doctors have in their own clinics, while repeating the “no link” line as if they have. At the same time studies like those linking Aluminum adjuvants are completely ignored as if they don’t exist at all. No, this is a power grab for our personal rights in order to secure decades of vaccine profits. Worse, it’s vaccine profits on the front end, medical care profits on the back end for all the often lifelong side effects everyone is ignoring. My unvaccinated children on the other hand, have never had a medical bill. And I know plenty of other patients, fellow chiropractors, and otherwise “natural” parents that can report the same thing.

You may look at this and say “thank God this is in New York”, but you must realize the American Medical Association is pressing and financing this nationwide. With billions of dollars to be made, do you think it’s going down easy? With the general public so easy to sway, so willing to just repeat tag-lines, we have to be willing to fight unashamed the likes of Martin Luther King if we are to have a prayer of keeping our rights. Even if you are “pro-vax”, this fight is just as much yours. Freedom is Freedom.

Is this the beginning of the end for Roundup?

Bayer has had a really tough year. The pharmaceutical giant purchased Monsanto for around 60 Billion dollars. There have been three cases already awarded with verdict that their trademark weed killer Glyphosate (Roundup) caused cancer. The first was for 80 Million, the second $289 Million, and the third now 2 BILLION. There are reportedly around 13,000 cases pending, and you know that once the template is set the verdicts only come easier. Pretty soon “Call Me Alabama!” billboards will read “Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Call Me!”. Use your calculator for that one. Now their worries grow deeper since news broke that popular children’s cereals are found to be contaminated. So in today’s news no surprise came that Bayer will invest 5.6 Billion in search of an alternative. The sad thing about all this isn’t the fate of Bayer or Roundup. It’s that back in the day, the Federal Government and it’s departments would do some diligence in protecting the public. These days, Big Pharma giants operate with near immunity until enough inescapable evidence is there to get around the almighty dollar in a court of law. I suppose the only alternative for Bayer would be to push for legal protection of agricultural chemicals like vaccine makers enjoy. Maybe 5.6 Billion is easier.

Patient dies after another stupid Medical idea

I posted about this when the idea first surfaced, how ridiculous and stupid an idea it was. So the medical community decided “Hey, what if we could get the bacteria from a healthy individuals gut, into the gut of an unhealthy individual?”. The idea of course was the good bacteria would multiply and eventually reestablish over the bad bacteria. This genius medical solution…Human Fecal Transplant. This could be done in multiple ways. One way is through the back door, by physically transplanting the fecal matter through the anus. The other and my personal favorite, possibly the dumbest idea ever, S&%$ capsules. That’s right, put another human’s feces into capsules for you to swallow…on purpose.

Well that idea has backfired, and now someone has died because of it. How were they supposed to know there would be E. Coli in their S&%$?

Why do I care about this story? Because the natural folks have been doing this for decades. Ever heard of Probiotics? But of course that’s considered a supplement and natural stuff can’t possibly work, so the medical community had to one up us with another brilliant idea.

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