Battle of the Bulge

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Battle of the Bulge

You see it everywhere today, round pendulous abdomens protruding as if pregnant.  Have you wondered why?  You’ll be surprised to find out that there are greases, oils, and fats on most peoples plates every day the human body simply can not digest.  The research is clear, the #1 predictor of a future heart attack or stroke is the circumference of your belly exceeding the circumference around your hips and butt.  If that’s you, you simply can not miss this workshop.  Invite a friend and let us know you are coming.  Reserve your spot at the event page HERE.

Recent Research on Vaccination

For a breakdown of some recent articles and research on vaccinations, click the image above or follow link HERE.  You might also watch this 30 minute clip from Raising Healthy Kids from Conception specific to vaccination, check it out HERE.


Did you miss the last workshop regarding this interesting alternative to avoid the toxic effects of vaccines?  You can watch the full workshop HERE, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while there so you’ll get notified every month when new workshops are uploaded.

Ibuprofen Deadly?

Very interesting and scary article regarding the alarming findings with Ibuprofen use from a recent study.  If you use Ibuprofen thinking it does no harm, think again and read these articles yourself HERE and HERE.

What are you doing to maintain your health?

Average lifespan today is around 74.  Average person is overweight.  Average person consumes far too much sugar, far too many processed foods, and far too little nutrient dense foods.  The average person as a result is diagnosed with one or more diseases by their 60s, pays a fortune for healthcare trying to get back what they’ve lost, and still pays the price with early death.  Don’t be average, be exceptional.  Do the work NOW to maintain your health while you have it.  Call us at 251-607-0040 and we’ll help get you back on track.

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