CANCER CENSORED PART II: Treatment Alternatives

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In this workshop Dr. Mike Bucknell uncovers some cancer treatment alternatives gaining traction around the world that are currently not allowed in the United States due to FDA regulation and protections for the pharmaceutical giants.

This post is a supplement to the workshop published on November 22, 2016 by Dr. Mike Bucknell, and can be found on his YouTube channel at

Due to quantity of the information, it has been separated into two parts:

What’s Wrong With This Plant?

When an experienced gardener or farmer looks at this unhealthy and dying plant, he instinctively knows it’s lacking something, right?  Maybe it’s water, maybe it’s sunlight, or air, or some other of the essentials it needs to thrive.

When the sensible gardener sees this, what is his first instinct?  Does he go right out and buy the most toxic stuff he can find to dump on the plant and wait to see what it does?  What if there are beetles eating the base of the plant…do we pour gasoline on the plant to burn the bugs?  That would kill the beetles, no doubt, but it would also kill the plant!

Cancer in the body is much the same…we need not see it as a “disease”, but as something we’re developing.  So much of this leads back to basic, fundamental nutritional deficiencies in combination with the exposure to toxins in our everyday lives.

The Serious Deficiencies Nobody Talks About

Iodine Deficiency

For years now, we’ve been talking about iodine deficiency.  If you haven’t seen our YouTube workshop DEAFicient, watch it!  It covers a lot of information about WHY almost everyone is deficient in iodine these days, such as the steps that were taken by the government to remove it from our food supply.

Here’s the Evidence

  • Iodine deficiency is associated with a higher rate of goiter and breast cancer.  Japan has the highest dietary intake of iodine and the lowest rates of goiter and breast cancer.  When they move to the U.S., breast cancer rates increase. Check out the book Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It, by David Brownstein, MD
  • Prior to WWI, Iceland used fish meal feed for dairy cows, providing milk with high iodine content.  After WWI, fish meal was eliminated, and breast cancer rates soared ten-fold.  Breast Cancer and Iodine, by David M. Derry, MD

Added Chemicals Deplete Iodine

  • Now we have a situation in the US, not only do we not get it in our food supply, but other additives such as bromine, are put into our food.  Look at a loaf of bread in the store.  You’ll see that bread has been “brominated”. That means they’re adding an iodine antagonist into wheat products, meaning it actually competes with iodine in the body. 
  • Then there’s Fluoride which is added to our water supply, dentists give us fluoride, as well as being in toothpastes too. This too, is an iodine antagonist that makes the body less able to absorb the iodine it needs.  See our YouTube workshop DEAFicient for more information about these additives.

Systemic Formulas TMI

Is your thyroid the only body part that needs iodine?

  • What was one of the big ingredients in Dr. Harold Hoxsey’s successful cancer formula?  Potassium Iodide.  A very small percentage of your body’s iodine is actually used by the thyroid gland.
  • True, the thyroid gets “first dibs” on any iodine entering the body. So, the thyroid will take all the iodine it possibly can, meaning your thyroid hormones might still show normal on a blood test as it’s getting enough iodine.  However, all the other tissues in the body require iodine, too.  So, the rest of your body’s tissues may be starving for necessary iodine despite these “normal” thyroid levels. 
  • Audience question: “Does iodine deficiency link only with thyroid and breast cancers, or can it lead to the other cancers as well?”  Although researchers thus far have focused only on thyroid and breast cancer, there is evidence out there that shows iodine deficiency can definitely cause other cancers.  The problem is they have yet to be substantially studied.

What supplements do we recommend?

  • Here In our office, we always recommend some simple tests for iodine deficiency, such as the Iodine Patch test and the Morning Temperatures test.  It’s mostly medical doctors that came up with these procedures (just in case there’s any question as to their effectiveness). There are more expensive blood tests available but they don’t appear to be more reliable enough to justify the cost compared to these two simple tests.
  • We recommend our patients take a supplement called TMI made by Systemic Formulas, then switch to Iodine Synergy made by Designs for Health once their thyroid is working properly.  This maintains proper levels of iodine in the body, because we just don’t get it in our diet.  Keep digging into the research on this – it’s radically important!

Omega-3 Deficiency

The cell membrane is the nerve system of the individual cell. This bi-lipid layer creates the outside membrane of the cell.   This is where all inter-cellular and extra-cellular communication happens.  And again, what is the problem in cancer?  The cells are not in communication with or in coordination with the other cells around it.  That process happens in the cell membrane.

  • “Combination of chemotherapy and omega-3 supplementation appears an effective strategy to enhance the clinical outcome of cancer patients in their curative and palliative clinical trajectory.” –
  • “Omega 3 fatty acids are thought to reduce inflammation in the body.  And a variety of cancers have been linked to chronic inflammation.” – Sarah Rafat, RD – Senior Dietician, MD Anderson
  • “Populations in countries that consume high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish have lower incidences of breast, prostate, and colon cancer than people in countries that consume less Omega-3s.” – W. Elaine Hardman, PhD – Pennington Biomedical Research.

Inflammation is a word we hear all the time, and we know that omega 3 fatty acids are among the best substances to modulate inflammation in the body.  It’s one of the only ones (I think it is the only one) that regulates both the “COX” and “LOX” mechanisms of inflammation in the body.  You don’t have to go far to find medical doctors now screaming that everyone needs to be taking omega-3 fish oils.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Interestingly, the map above shows the estimated vitamin D serum levels and projected percentage prevention of colon cancer cases with just 2,000 I.U.s of Vitamin D3 and 3-10 minutes daily of noon sunlight seasonally, when weather permits.  Right at the equator where the sun is highest you see the best rates of cancer prevention, and as you go further away from the equator the cancer risks increase.

  • Vitamin D3 is an immune system activator, it’s actually a hormone that tells the body what to do and creates all sorts of important processes within the body.
  • You should always make sure your Vitamin D3 has Vitamin K1 and K2 delivered with it. The reason is, when you take Vitamin D it increases dietary absorption of calcium. This calcium requires Vitamin K in order to be shuttled into the bones and teeth. Therefore, if you are also deficient in Vitamin K then the calcium can build up in your bloodstream causing atherosclerosis. As you can see, news reports that “Vitamin D supplementation causes atherosclerosis” is very misleading. Why do you think Big Pharma would be interested in misleading and keeping you from taking Vitamin D?
  • “A PubMed database search yielded 63 observation studies of Vitamin D status in relation to cancer risk…The majority of studies found a protective relationship between sufficient vitamin D status and lower risk of cancer.  The evidence suggests that efforts to improve vitamin D status, for example by Vitamin D supplementation, could reduce cancer incidence and mortality at low cost, with few or no adverse effects.”
  • Incidentally, supplementation should be with Vitamin D3.  A lot of doctors are giving D2, which first must be processed by the liver, creating an additional burden on the body.

To ponder: If the government is truly interested in cutting costs (specifically Medicare/Medicaid), why aren’t they prescribing Vitamin D?  It’s a very simple and inexpensive and yet very effective treatment.  But they’re not doing it.

Focus On Positive Actions

Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet

Dr. Sebi, an 82-year-old doctor, had a clinic in Honduras where they took patients and cured them (you can do that there).  He also came to the U.S. and was teaching his methods (I think in New York).  Back in the 1980’s or so he put in the newspapers that he could cure herpes, AIDS, cancer and a couple of other diseases.

  • Of course, what happened?  His case was taken to the Supreme Court where he was acquitted of any wrongdoing.  He had 70 plus patients with all their records, all in attendance, showing that they were absolutely cured of those diseases, so they released him.  Later he was put into a prison in horrific conditions (in another country).  He went in as a healthy man and died of “pneumonia” in that prison, although no one knows what really happened to him.
  • The graphic above shows his list of acceptable foods.  His whole premise was that mucus congestion is the cause of disease in the human body.  When you consume certain foods and you are exposed to toxins that create a mucus response in the body, that causes disease depending on where that mucus congestion is, whether it’s heart failure or pneumonia or whatever.  And what happens when you get sick?  Mucus shows up.
  • His process was all about breaking up mucus in the body. He was really the pioneer of the “alkaline diet”.  He showed that, with eating the proper foods, you bring the alkalinity of the body to the point that it breaks up mucus that causes disease.

The “Sick Fish Tank” Approach

  • If you have a fish tank and the fish become sickened, what do you do?  Throw medications in there and hope something turns out right?  The typical answer is you measure the pH of the water, you look for bacteria counts, you take the fish out and put them into a healthy environment, then you carefully and completely scrub down and clean out the fish tank.  After you check the pH of the clean water and balance everything out making sure it’s working, you put the sick fish back into the healthy fish tank and voila! – the fish usually recover.
  • That’s the way all biological systems work as subjects of their environment, and your body is a biological system, is it not?  So, when we’re sick, we should look to the environment, both internal and external.  That’s where all this information is leading. 
  • Therefore, I contend that the smartest idea when you’re sick is NOT to put the most toxic poisons you can into your sick body.  It just doesn’t make sense.

The Real Life Battle with Cancer

My Sister’s Story…

In our Facebook Live workshop, we connected with my sister, Julie, who shared her story from her background in pharmacy to her journey through thyroid cancer.

  • She went to pharmacy school for five years and learned some interesting things that troubled her.  When they talked about all the pharmaceutical side effects and the things that went along with them, she never heard them talk about what causes something to be wrong in the body, it was always just “If this is wrong, this is the pill you give.”  After graduating and working in several different facets of the industry (retail, hospitals, home health care) she felt that she was never really helping people. 
  • One thing that troubled her the most was when she would once a month have an elderly person come in with a giant plastic bag full of prescription bottles and hand it to her.  They didn’t know what they were on or why they were on it, and she remembered thinking “Is this all we have to look forward to?  This giant bag of pills every single month?”  That was the beginning of her disinterest in pharmacy.
  • After having children and staying home to raise them, the more she learned about the Big Pharma companies and their motives and everything behind it, she just knew in her gut that she could not ethically and morally be a part of that system anymore.  It was corrupt, and she could see that they were not in it to help people. Bottom line – they just wanted to make money.
  • When she was told in pharmacy school that one of the top ten killers of people in the country is being on pharmaceutical drugs – not failing to take them the right way, not interactions, but just being on them, that saddened her and she wondered “Why is no one having problems with this?”

Her Cancer Diagnosis…and Thereafter

  • In 2012, Julie noticed a lump on the side of her neck and had it checked out.  They did an ultrasound and a CAT scan, then a biopsy – and she was told she had papillary thyroid cancer.  She was shocked and scared as are the normal emotions you get with a cancer diagnosis.  She got the best advice from “my dear brother”, who told her to “Just breathe, relax, it’s okay – you’re not dying tomorrow. Just take time, learn, get information.”  So that’s exactly what she did.
  • She went to an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor). He was very arrogant and appeared to her that his way was the only way, there was no other option.  He employed scare tactics and told her that she must go through with having surgery (to cut her the length of her neck up to her ear and remove her thyroid and many lymph nodes), followed by radiation treatments. 
  • When she protested that she didn’t feel sick and asked if that wasn’t a bit too much, he responded with, “No, I treat this all the time, this is the protocol.” When she told him that she wanted to look into some alternatives, he said, “Well, that would be a mistake, because I can treat this now. But if you don’t do this, you’re going to come back in two years and you’ll have softballs on the side of your neck and it will go to your lungs, and I can’t help you.”  So, she left his office in tears and feeling very confused.

Deciding to Take Another Path

  • She did not have the surgery.  She began to look into some doctors in her local area and found an integrative medicine center, The Guyer Institute.  Immediately Dr. Guyer told her, “We need to find out what caused this.  Let’s do some blood work, let’s check and find out why this cancer was able to grow in the first place.”  Sounds familiar right? Through the blood testing, they found that her immune system was virtually destroyed.  She had very low vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin K levels, and many other important things were “in the gutter”.
  • His approach was, “Let’s build up your immune system and help your body be more equipped to fight off this cancer on its own.”  So, they began intravenous Vitamin C therapy, UVB light therapy, adding ozone to her blood, etc.  The doctor watched the tumor every six months via ultrasound to be sure it hadn’t spread or grown in size.
  • It never grew or spread, but it also didn’t go away.  That’s when she heard about a clinic in Cancun, Mexico and watched the popular documentary series, “The Truth About Cancer.”  The documentary explained the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Cancun Mexico and how they had been helping people for over 25 years to beat cancer.

The “Vitalistic” Pharmacist…?

  • Julie talked about her lifestyle prior to diagnosis and after.  She grew up on a diet of “Cheerios and Spaghettios and all the sugary cereals, all the processed foods”, and she ate those kinds of things for many years.  Then for a few years prior to the diagnosis, her family had already been on a somewhat healthier diet, but when she got the diagnosis, she completely cut out sugar and everything that turns to sugar altogether.
  • She also cut out gluten and pork, ate very little red meat, and all the things she found out were toxic. She began to feed her body all the good nutrition it needed to be able to fight off the cancer. She knew that eating the right foods is the number one thing you can do to help your body heal itself.
  • She now volunteers, teaching exercise dance at her local YMCA and she loves it.  She says she gets to talk to people about exercise and their diet and healthy eating choices, and about being preventative and not getting into a diseased state.

The Hope4Cancer Clinic Process

When she arranged to go down to Cancun, it was a three-week stay – the best three weeks!  She felt guilty because she felt she was on a vacation.  She reminisced, “The clinic and scenic hotel are beautiful, right on the ocean.  The staff is fantastic, they make you feel so welcome and at home.  The environment is very relaxing and healing.”

  • For six days of the week, you go to the clinic for a couple of hours and the rest of the time you’re free to just sit and think, pray, relax and meditate and focus on healing, which is very important.
  • The therapies are amazing, like every other day you get a lymphatics massage. They do coffee enemas every day, which is not as bad as it sounds in that you can feel the difference once it starts detoxing your body.  The two other treatments she did, the Rigvir Virotherapy and PNC-27 had virtually NO side effects.  The only negative thing the whole trip was she got food poisoning because she ate in the wrong part of town one day!  Montezuma’s revenge…
  • At the clinic, you form very close bond with all the other patients, because you’re all fighting the same battle.  A lot of the patients there had already exhausted the normal route of chemotherapy and radiation and it hadn’t worked for them. Their cancers had come back and this was a last-ditch effort at healing.  They had to fight not only the cancer but also all the negative effects of the “normal treatments” they had been through.  She felt grateful in that she had not done those things first, she had a much better head start.  People from all over the world were there – Norway, Canada, New Zealand – everywhere.  They were amazing, and everyone keeps in touch, because you become involved in others healing journeys.

So, What About Now?

  • She said that now she’s doing “So good!”  She went back for a follow-up and the tumor had shrunk and her blood work was better than when she left. However, she received bad news about access to her treatments (Virotherapy and PNC-27).  When you leave the clinic, they provide for your treatments for the following three months.  After that, you get another evaluation to see if you still need to be on the therapies.
  • Enter the FDA.  They had gotten wind that there were a lot of people getting these therapies, so they cracked down.  Formerly you could call the clinic and order the therapies to be delivered on dry ice, but the FDA made it so that the clinic was no longer able to do that. (Wonder why…?)
  • Now patients must physically go to one of the clinics – either Cancun or Tijuana – to get the therapies and try to bring them home.  Now you’re forced to deal with Immigration and Customs in order to get it into the U.S.  So, you may go down and obtain an expensive amount of medication and they won’t let you into the country with it.  So now patients must go back once a month – or move there.
  • Julie’s doctor, Dr. Guyer at the Guyer Institute mentioned above, knows about her clinic experience and is working with her well, doing any blood work, ultrasounds, etc. that she may need.  Dr. Guyer opened his own clinic (in Indianapolis) because he was so tired of working in “normal MD stuff” and wanted to be able to treat people in a better way, and he does these types of alternative therapies. Most doctors don’t want any part of this.

Some Very Interesting Facts

  • Julie shared an interesting fact: if you’ve ever had cancer, you will have cancer stem cells in your body. Chemotherapy and radiation cannot and will not destroy cancer stem cells.  They are still floating around and given another opportunity, they will start to grow somewhere else in the body.  Chemotherapy and radiation can’t destroy cancer stem cells, but they do make them more aggressive. 
  • There’s research out there proving that people who get chemo and radiation, their primary tumor may be gone, but when their cancer comes back – same place or metastasized somewhere else – it is stronger and more aggressive than before.  And now it is immune to the treatment you got before so that therapy will no longer work on it.  In contrast, the Rigvir Virotherapy that she did specifically targets stem cells.  It not only kills the cancer cells, but the stem cells as well and destroys them, meaning there are no cancer cells left to regrow.
  • Julie explained that the clinic – overall for every cancer they treat – has an 86% cure rate, which is “an awful lot higher than conventional medicine”.  Of course, lifestyle plays a huge part in the healing process.  Your lifestyle dictates how you’re going to respond to the treatment.  You must do the proper diet, exercise and detoxing and “get adjusted – that’s huge.” 

To hear Julie’s story for yourself, see the workshop on YouTube: Dr. Mike Bucknell-Cancer Censored – “The Defiant Pharmacist” section.

So Now What Do We Do?

  • So, the question now is, “What do you do with this information?”  This is one of those heavy subjects.  Once you know, you have a moral obligation to make sure others know.  Cancer has ceased to become a medical condition and has now become sort of a “faith initiative”.  Have you noticed how when people get diagnosed with cancer, they shut off all rationale, they shut off listening or challenging options or watching videos or reading books – they essentially shut down.   Their response, for 90% of the people will be, “My treatment starts this Thursday.”  That’s it, they don’t want to hear from you challenging “their faith” in the treatment they chose as if that has anything to do with it.
  • That tells you that psychologically, they have not made an informed decision per se, instead they put their complete faith in that treatment. To that person, if they challenge what they’re about to do, then somehow it’s not going to work, as if it came from God himself.  They tell themselves, “I’m not going to challenge this, because I have to go into it having complete and total faith that I’m going to survive it.”  That makes it very difficult for the deliverer of information about options.  Sometimes there are barriers that we put around our minds to be able to deal with situations, and it becomes a faith-based thing.

So be prepared in advance – educate people in advance, before they get cancer.  Be proactive about it, share information, be presumptive about it.  Everyone needs to know there are other options – be willing to stand up out of love.

For many more eye-opening and educational workshops on various health topics, see Dr. Mike Bucknell’s YouTube channel

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