CANCER CENSORED PART I: Options for Cancer Treatment

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In this workshop Dr. Mike Bucknell uncovers some cancer treatment alternatives gaining traction around the world that are currently not allowed in the United States due to FDA regulation and protections for the pharmaceutical giants.

This post is a supplement to the workshop published on November 22, 2016 by Dr. Mike Bucknell and can be found on his YouTube channel at  

Due to the quantity of the information, it has been separated into two parts:

  • Cancer Censored Part 1 – Options for Cancer Treatment
  • Cancer Censored Part 2 – Treatment Alternatives

It’s touched my family, too…

In case you missed it, in this workshop I opened up what my sister, an ex-Pharmacist, went through to treat thyroid cancer (notice I didn’t say “her” thyroid cancer).  I’ll tell you up front so you don’t disregard and miss it – she did NOT do traditional chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as was recommended by her oncologists (of course).  She had to go outside of the United States to get the latest breakthrough treatments the big pharma companies here are trying desperately to black out.

This workshop was also the first time doing a workshop on Facebook Live.  Let’s just say, it was popular.  Before the event was over, we had almost 500 people watching on Facebook!  At the time of this post there have been 2,400 views on Facebook Live and it’s just gone out to YouTube.  So, without going into all the detail I urge you to subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE and watch the full workshop titled “Cancer Censored with Dr. Mike Bucknell” featured on the landing page.  While you are at it I strongly recommend watching “DEAFicient” and “Big Fat Lie“, two of the most important and most popular workshops to date collecting hundreds of thousands of views.

Do we have options?

In this article we’ll discuss important information about the very sensitive topic of cancer and its various treatment alternatives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are only allotted certain options in terms of cancer, so we don’t think ‘outside the box’ because we’re not told there is an outside the box.  We’re told that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the only options and that anything outside those options is “not safe”, “not scientific”, “not proven”.

I ask this question because I’m often asked, “What does a chiropractor have to do with cancer?”

The Main Difference

  • A Scientist’s job is to research and figure out the answers
  • A Doctor’s job is to apply the research and bring that to a level of application to the patient.

There are two kinds of doctors:

  • The ones who prescribe drugs without question.  Without a lot of thought process, they write prescriptions all day.  What makes them the ‘authority’ is the ‘‘white coat” and degree.
  • On the other end of the spectrum are those I call “Facebook physicians”.  These have all the answers to all the questions because they read all kinds of articles on the internet, right?

A chiropractor does not claim to be an authority on cancer.  Our role is to take our information and education – and we have the same education standards as any other doctorate program – and distill the information that’s out there.

The unique position of a chiropractor is that, because we don’t have the built in ‘credibility’ of the white coat, we’re not automatically believed, so we have to EARN our credibility like nobody else despite our education.  We take our education and many hours of research, bridge those gaps and figure out what is right and what’s not and help you, our patients, to wade through those waters.

  • An allopath is a medical doctor.  They believe that basically the body is a mechanical system that breaks down over time like a car or a refrigerator.  They believe that when it breaks down, it’s their job to then fix those parts and try to put them back together. So the job of a doctor is to just keep fixing and replacing parts for as long as possible to extend life and hopefully get some quality out of it.
  • A vitalist is completely different.  They believe that that the body is made the way that it’s made – it’s not a refrigerator.  You can’t just take out parts and expect things to work, you can’t just interchange things.  We look at the body as a self-developing, self-healing, self-organizing being, and our job as doctors is to support the integrity of that system so that it continues to stay healed and operate, as opposed to just breaking down and replacing the parts once they go bad.

Each person has their personal freedom of choice to decide whether they prefer to be an allopath or a vitalist.  It’s their personal opinion.  It’s our job to educate and let them decide what they want to believe.


PNC-27 was first discovered in 2006.  Dr. Ehsan Sarafraz-Yazdi has a video “Targeted Cancer Therapy” available from TEDx – Connecticut College (2012).  Research articles can be found on the PNC website:

Dr. Sarafraz-Yazdi is an American doctor working at an American university and he’s working on trying to get PNC-27 approved in the United States.

PNC-27 has been studied on 39 different cancer lines and found to completely eliminate an entire population of 1,000,000 cells in culture in 72 hours or less!  It’s been studied on monkeys with “no effect on the hematopoietic system (bone marrow)”.

What is PNC-27?

  • PNC-27 is a peptide designed by a supercomputer and derived from the proteins of a moth and a fruit fly
  • It mimics p53 protein, which functions as a tumor suppressor in healthy people.  With cancer, this gene is mutated and the cell continues to divide in an unregulated manner
  • It targets a protein (HDM-2) on cancer cell membranes only, rapidly forming pores which causes an imbalance in the osmotic pressure causing implosion of the cell.  (Think of a water balloon placed inside a bucket of water.  When you stick it with a pin, it pops or implodes and is gone)

Is PNC-27 approved by the FDA?

Regulatory approval by the United Sates Food and Drug Administration requires a multi-million dollar financial investment.  Although research continues on the PNC proteins, to date major pharmaceutical companies have chosen not to engage in the support of these products.  As a result, the PNC family of proteins has not yet been approved by the FDA.”   –

The pharmaceutical companies typically do not take an interest in these products -why?  Because they don’t own them and therefore cannot make profits from them.  Also, currently there is so much money being made by the cancer ‘industry’ as it is that the pharmaceutical companies are generally unwilling to become involved in these promising new methods.

How does it work?

  • PNC is administered intravenously or via nebulizer or suppository, depending on the type of cancer
  • It causes an increase in blood lab values of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) and Bilirubin, which are signs of cancer cell destruction
  • Cancer cells do not develop resistance as they do with chemotherapy
  • It is the only therapy known to date that kills cancer stem cells (the “starter” cells that cause cancer to grow)
  • PNC is available to doctors, clinics and hospitals outside the United States


RIGVIR was developed in Latvia by virologists based on research dating back to the 1960s.  It’s been approved there since 2004.

It has been through all clinical trials and is fully approved in Europe…again, not in the United States (and no American pharmaceutical companies are even looking into at this point).

More information with scientific data is available on the website

What RIGVIR Does…

  • Dispensed as an injection
  • Oncotropic: attacks cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
  • Oncolytic: penetrates cancer cells and causes them to burst
  • Patients with regional lymph node metastases had a 75% survival rate compared to 21% who received conventional treatment

Of all the viruses they studied at this lab, they isolated the one that was the least likely to cause human disease.  They then treat the virus’ genes in order to make it specifically target cancer cells only.  It doesn’t replicate inside of normal, healthy cells.  It then penetrates the cancer cell wall and attacks by replicating inside the cancer cell causing it to explode, then the beneficial “trooper” cells are distributed throughout the rest of the body to attack any other cancer cells present.

“Unmasking” cancer cells

Cancer cells have the ability to “mask” themselves from the body’s immune system.  RIGVIR unmasks the tumor’s hiding ability.  Once the cell is unmasked, the body’s immune system recognizes the unhealthy cell and goes after it.  So, while RIGVIR is a manufactured drug, when it’s used it triggers and allows the body’s own healing mechanism to operate freely as well.

This again begs the question, “Why are we not pursuing treatments such as this in this country?”  We can only hope for a better future for these treatments.

Is RIGVIR a Vaccine?

  • RIGVIR is not a vaccine
  • Vaccines are able to cause the disease they are intended to prevent.  RIGVIR cannot.
  • Vaccines are stored with toxic adjuvants, RIGVIR is not. No mercury or aluminum here.
  • “While healthy cells have developed ways to fight off viruses, cancer cells have not.  Many normal cells have a complicated network of molecules to help protect against a virus.  But it turns out cancer cells are deficient in anti-viral factors.” – Howard Kaufman, Cancer Researcher

The graphic above shows the actual progression of cell involvement after administering RIGVIR.  Image 3 in the graphic above shows a melanoma cell surrounded by recruited lymphocytes from the immune system (the good white blood cells) that can now attack the cancer cell because it’s been breached by RIGVIR treatment, allowing the lymphocytes in.

A very informative video about RIGVIR from the International Virotherapy Center can be seen at this link to Dr. Mike Bucknell’s YouTube Cancer Censored workshop.


This is a really interesting treatment using a substance called SP Activate along with ultrasound and pulsed LED which causes a release of oxygen that destroys the cancer cells.  The process also damages the cancer cell blood vessels in the tumor, effectively starving it.

  • Porphyrin substance known as SP Activate is used which is taken up by cancer cells at a rate of 70 to 1
  • Uses an ultrasound and pulsed LED at 440nm, 660nm, and near infrared to activate
  • Once in the cell, the Sono-Photo energy causes the release of an active form of oxygen that destroys the nearby cancer cells.
  • Also effective in damaging the blood vessels in the tumor, effectively starving it


Dr. Antonio Jimenez is the doctor who created the Hope4Cancer Clinic.  As of 2014, the data collected up to that time is impressive.

  • Of the first 55 patients that all data has been collected on, 82% of the entering patients were Stage IV (this is typically when conventional doctors say “There’s nothing else we can do for you, we’ll just try to keep you comfortable.”)
  • 91% of patients reported their Quality of Life improved or did not worsen
  • 71% of patients reported improvement or no worsening in Overall Health Condition
  • 11 of these patients had palpable tumors (tumors so large they can be felt), 64% of these reported palpable changes.  They could actually feel their tumors shrinking.

“Absurd” last resort options

Most of these Stage IV patients had already gone through conventional therapy, and when that didn’t work, they started looking at the “absurd” options, like going south across the border into Mexico to the clinics there to begin treatments. 

How might things have been different if they hadn’t undergone all the conventional treatments first?  One ex-commissioner of the FDA said, “The miracle is not that the patient survives cancer, it’s that the patient survives cancer AND the treatments for it.”


This protocol has recently been gaining ground in the “quasi-scientific” realm.  It’s been found that, to survive, certain cancer cells must have a substance called methionine.

Most people have heard that cancer feeds off sugar, so most doctors will tell you if you have cancer, don’t eat any fruits whatsoever.  However, the new research that’s going to change the way we instruct moving forward to deal with metabolic conditions is that you SHOULD eat lots of fruits, preferably organic, of course.  Why? There is evidence that fruits can assist in inflammation and they provide energy because there is active energy in living foods.

Conventional farming vs. grass fed

Then there’s the question of eating meats and dairy.  They tell you to avoid beef, dairy, chicken, any kind of meat whatsoever.  But consider this: the meats and dairy that have been used in these studies is always conventional meats, and what are they fed? Conventional cows eat corn and grains, they don’t eat grass.  A grass-fed cow’s Omega balance is a perfect 4 to 1, while a corn-fed cow’s is more like 20 to 1.  If you do a study using only corn-fed cows as opposed to healthy, functional cows, there will be a radical difference in the results you get.

Methionine was discovered to be a major issue with feed lots – particularly poultry, but also other mass bred animals.  If they don’t have access to be able to forage and graze, they don’t develop adequate levels of methionine so they don’t grow.  So what do the feed lot owners do?  They give them synthetic, unnatural methionine, which makes them grow very fast and get bigger thereby improving profits.  A study done in 2005 showed that animals able to forage and graze get enough natural methionine.  However, conventional animals are not allowed to forage and graze naturally.  Unless you know where your meats are coming from, you can be getting something you really shouldn’t be eating.

Bottom line: we need to be getting away from the synthetic stuff and we need to be eating natural foods.  If you can’t be sure whether there’s methionine in your meats or not, just don’t eat them!


The story goes that in the early to mid-1900s, a man named Harold Hoxsey developed an herbal formula for treating cancer based on his great-grandfather’s discovery.  He had a favorite stallion who developed a cancerous leg tumor and was told by a veterinarian that he should be put down. 

Hoxsey decided to put him out to pasture and let nature take its course.  He noticed that the horse would always graze in the same area of the pasture, a different one from the other horses. Guess what?  The tumor disappeared and the horse recovered!  There has been a great controversy on this subject, but whether that story is true or false doesn’t matter.

The Hoxsey formula

These are the herbs they use in his formula: Red Clover, Licorice, Buckthorn, Burdock, Stillingia, Poke Root, Barberry, Oregon Grape Root, Cascara, Prickly Ash, Wild Indigo and Potassium Iodide (which is Iodine).

This was the base formula that developed into clinics around the United States in 17 different states.  They treated thousands and thousands of people successfully and became the largest network of cancer clinics in the country…until the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entered the picture.

The medical establishment had confronted and told Hoxsey they wanted to “buy” his formula, but he didn’t go along because he knew they would put it on a shelf and not give people access to it.  So, they attacked and harassed him, driving him out of the country…but not stopping him.  He moved his clinic to Tijuana, Mexico where it still operates today as the Bio-Medical Center.

Baseline Nutritionals brand Blood Support

At Liberation Chiropractic, we’ve found a very similar product from Baseline Nutritionals called Blood Support.  The ingredients, they are strikingly familiar: Red Clover, Chaparral, Burdock, Poke Root, Yellow Dock, Goldenseal, Oregon Grape, Bloodroot, Mistletoe, Cat’s Claw, Sheep Sorrel and Cayenne.

Nowadays with new technologies, they can concentrate things much better than they could do back then with better quality control.  Blood Support is not sold as a cancer treatment. The label says it is “a dietary supplement…a natural blood cleanser and powerful anti-pathogen”.

There is another product on the market called Black Salve, which is highly concentrated from the Blood Root herb.  It’s a very powerful escharotic and should be used only with the greatest of caution.


A very potent antioxidant for the treatment of cancer, vitamin C is best absorbed by the body when it’s encapsulated in a “shell” so that it navigates through the stomach’s acids and gets into the bloodstream more efficiently.  Enter Liposomal Vitamin C…

Liposomal Vitamin C is hands down cheaper than taking it intravenously.  Those treatments can easily cost $200.

How Liposomal Vitamin C works

One drawback to purchasing Liposomal Vitamin C pre-made is that by nature the liposomes are somewhat unstable, so they’re hard to keep intact. So, when you take the vitamin C source and encapsulate it within a lecithin shell, when it’s ingested the lecithin shell protects the vitamin C while it goes through your gut.  Then the pancreatic acids break it down and your body recognizes the now “hatched” vitamin C, grabs it and puts it immediately into the bloodstream.

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is the most popular available for purchase.  There’s a great weblink including the patent purchased by LivOn Labs on how to easily make liposomes without fancy equipment:

Can I make my own?

Our own non-patented recipe (which does not contain the alcohol that the patented process uses) is made by ‘mechanically’ coating an organic Acerola Vitamin C Powder in Organic Sunflower Lecithin Granules.

Here’s our recipe:

  • ¾ cup Organic Acerola Cherry Powder in 32 oz. distilled water (blend together separately from the lecithin mixture)
  • ¾ cup Organic Sunflower Lecithin Granules in 32 oz. distilled water (blend together separately from the acerola powder mixture)
  • Pour both mixtures together into a stainless steel tank ultrasonic device
  • Mix with a wooden spoon (not metal) for 15-18 minutes, stirring very frequently (at least every minute)
  • Store in glass jars and keep refrigerated.
  • Will last refrigerated for 7-10 days, but the longer it sits, the more it destabilizes. You’ll know as you will see it separating in the jar.

You can downsize the recipe of course, just divide the ingredients accordingly.

You can purchase the cherry powder and lecithin online.  A good source is and Swanson for the lecithin.  Anyone can purchase an ultrasonic blender at a store such as Harbor Freight or online.

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For more information on this important workshop, see Cancer Censored Part 2 – Treatment Alternatives

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