DEAFicient – Part 2 : Omega 3

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Within this three part blog post are the areas where many American’s are deficient. This post is a supplement to the workshop from Liberation Chiropractic & Wellness in Mobile Alabama. Within we discuss historical backgrounds, big industry involvement, identification, and treatment protocols. To watch the complete workshop in it’s entirety please visit DEAFicient: Iodine, Omega 3, Vitamin D3, and the catastrophic effects of their deficiency

Deficiencies are defined as a lack of something that is needed : the state of not having enough of something necessary.

“for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy Pharmakeia were all nations deceived.” – Revelation 18:23

You are deficient or are you DEAFicient?

This series is titled DEAFicient since many American’s are not aware how the public has been systematically deprived of this information for monetary profits.

Omega 3: History

1930’s: Known to be essential to normal growth and health.
1970’s: Studies of the Greenland Inuit Tribe linked high consumption of fish fat to virtually zero cardiovascular disease. The current recommeded daily allowance suggest 1.6 grams per day for men and 1.1 grams for women. While, “The China Study” is used in many popular documentaries to support Vegan/Vegetarian diets, the cultures studied did in fact eat meat. However it was naturally raised and about 1/10 amounts of average American. Omega 3 has been removed from our access via a hostile takeover.
1970: Monsanto creates Glyphosate, patents it for sale as “Roundup”.
1970’s: Earl Butz, Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture, changes subsidies from “preventing overproduction” by storing seed, to rewarding overproduction and paying subsidies based on farm size and production history.Government intervention has produced a model where small farms fail, Monsanto “rules the world”, and our entire food supply is saturated with government subsidized Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, other GMO crops, and feed lots fed ZERO grass only these grains. 2013: Various studies link Glyphosate to Cancer and Gut Dysbiosis. Omega 3 is now a monopoly, besides the deep entrenching in Government, crop production, and even the Organic and Natural Foods industries as seen below, most people are not aware that Monsanto is deeply entrenched in Big Pharma and chemical. Pfizer and Bayer own Monsanto’s pharmaceutical division Pharmacia.

The Future of Food

Grass Fed Beef from healthy cattle has an Omega 6:3 ratio of around 2:1, while “Grain Fed” cattle are closer to 20:1.
Farm raised fish are fed mainly Soy and Corn as well reducing their Omega 3 content by as much as 80%.Inadequate consumption of Wild Caught non- contaminated fish, naturally raised meats, and the overconsumption of grains has been a contributing factor in catastrophic health consequences including rising Cancer and Heart Disease mortality rates, neurological degenerative disease, and obesity now affecting more than 1/3 of Americans.
UC Berkeley Professor, author, and food expert Michael Pollan calls this simple chemical cascade in the body “The Theory of Everything”. Pharmaceutical giants make BILLIONS on COX and LOX inhibitors. Prostaglandin E2 creates Inflammation which is the root of Pain, Degeneration, and Chronic Disease. These result in BILLIONS more in drug sales.

Omega 3: Cellular Nerve System

Omega 6:3 Ratios >10:1
Toxic Fat Syndrome >20:1
Chronic Disease 25:1 Average American

Omega 3: Testing

People who have diagnosed Chronic or Inflammatory Disease, suffer Chronic Pain, or any neurological condition are likely deficient. Proper Omega 6:3 ratios support normal cellular function while inhibiting pain and inflammatory processes. The Holman Blood Spot Fatty Acid Test is a simple way to assess your current Omega 6:3 ratio.
Follow Liberation Chiropractics updated Dietary Guidelines. Best oils should contain ALA, EPA, DHA, and GLA, plus Omega-3 antioxidants to stabilize ingested oils.
DEFICIENT: Protocol will be optimized based on test result.
ADULT MAINTENANCE: 1 Teaspoon NW Complete Hi-Potency Omega-3 liquid and 3 NW Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors.
CHILD MAINTENANCE: 8 NW Complete Children’s EPA/DHA and 2 NW Complete Co-Factors Chewables.

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