Easiest Weight Loss Breakthrough Ever

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Talking about “easy” weight loss is almost faux pas these days.  I certainly never thought I’d be talking about it.  But, technology is bound to bring wonderful advancements and this certainly is one of them.  Lipo Laser is quickly gaining popularity in the hot world of weight loss, and rightly so.  The days of poking holes in your body to insert a suck straw to thrash around inside may be coming to an end.  This traditional “liposuction” is dangerous, leaves all kinds of internal damage to nerve endings, capillaries, fascia, and everything else it tears through in the bruising and far from careful process.  One of the newer treatments, Cryo (C**lsculpting) literally freezes fat cells in order to kill them.  This too has numerous side effects.  Now, there is laser application known as Lipo Laser.  Some of the systems you may see advertised have a single large LED panel that stands inches or further away like lying in a tanning bed, but systems like ours that use paddles for direct skin contact obviously increase direct laser impact and can have direct beam to the contour of whatever area you’re treating. In the image below you can see that the introduction of laser causes fat cells to open up pores, oozing their contents into the interstitial space.

Now, that fat that previously would not be released due to factors like hormone resistance, are picked up in the lymphatic system and can be consumed and processed as fuel.  If those cells  are required later due to dietary habits, lack of exercise, toxin storage, etc then they are still intact and can be used as your body deems necessary to keep you healthy.

So what you really want to know is, “but does it work” for weight loss in terms of can I “see” the difference?  This is where it gets really exciting.  Since we started doing treatments a few weeks ago the average patient loses a full INCH in circumference around their waist in just the first treatment!  One of our “early adopters” finished her first 5 treatments and lost a total of FIVE and a half inches!  So yes, it works.  And it’s so simple of a process.  You just lay on a table with LED based laser pads placed over the target areas, then listen to your headphones etc until the treatment is complete.  Absolutely nothing invasive, and none of the dangerous side effects associated with other lipo processes.

How do you improve the effects even further?  First and foremost, it only makes sense to do Lipo Laser if you’re serious about losing the tough weight and keeping it off.  That said the Ketogenic Diet is a perfect companion to this treatment.  When you go into treatments already in Ketosis, your body is ready and willing to burn FAT for fuel instead of sugars, so your system is eagerly waiting to consume all that fat you release.  You also need to follow up with exercise.  We do this by putting patients on a shaker vibe right after.  Even better though if you leave after sessions and get some aggressive exercise like running, biking, etc.  In addition, detoxification is very important as toxins again are “lipophilic” meaning fat cells are there to help store toxins the body can’t get rid of effectively, moving them away from the sensitive organs of the body to keep you healthy.  As these fat cells are purged, those toxins too are released, so we highly recommend Systemic Formulas IDS (Intracellular Detox System).  This two part system supports the body’s innate detoxification pathways, while using toxin grabbing components to pick up the toxins once released and carry them out of your body.  From the link you can order directly from our website and it will be shipped to you for FREE as it’s over $50.

All this sounds really expensive right?  Well, major technological advancements usually do come with a whopping price tag.  But the best advancements are those that replace an aged process with something better AND slash the cost in the process, and this is one of them.  Treatment sessions retail at just $60, however for members of ChiroHealth USA ($49 yearly membership), your cost drops to just $39 a session.  Typically best results are achieved in 6-12 treatments spaced twice a week.  So a 12 treatment cycle would take 6 weeks to complete in about 30 minute visits each, and costs just $517 including your CHUSA membership!  Call around and get quotes on the other options listed above and you’ll realize what a game changer this is.  Then give us a call at 251-607-0040 and schedule your first session.  FYI we are already on a waiting list after just a couple weeks so I highly recommend you call NOW.



White House emails report “The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducted a 45-day surge in February and March to investigate medical professionals who were prescribing disproportionately high numbers of opioids. The surge led to 28 arrests and 147 revoked medical registrations.”  You might remember a similar incident here in Mobile Alabama a while back when two local doctors were busted for a multi million dollar operation, prescribing the most addictive narcotics in short prescriptions, sold from their in-house pharmacy, then requiring patients to return to refill but not until getting radically expensive but insurance billable urinalysis tests.  The bust of one “world record” holding doctor for post doctorate certifications, included a warehouse storing more than a dozen exotic cars.

We have a long way to go, but it’s good to see that these issues are FINALLY getting attention.  Chiropractors have been on the front lines of this battle for decades.  As the standout health profession taking a stance against dangerous medications and practices, we’ve taken a lot of slack for years but now the tables are turning.  If you dig around you’ll realize dozens of the biggest health related issues that are changing are due to the consistent message spearheaded primarily by Chiropractors.  So whether it’s me or another Doctor of Chiropractic, give them some applause for sticking their necks out (pun totally intended).



Things are moving right along with the new building.  At this point we are near completion of building and site plans as seen below.  Really excited that consistent with our holistic approach, we are saving a total of 18 Live Oak trees on the property!  When we are done this piece of land that currently sits as an undeveloped cornerstone on Old Shell road will soon be one of the most beautiful properties in the area.

We are at the same time working on all the little details so that once we get started we know exactly what to do rather than trying to make decisions on the fly.  Here’s a few images of the 3D model we are using to work all this out.

Full view front including the outdoor covered patio area

View from the Northeast corner, two rental suites and Liberation Chiropractic.

REDBAR Espresso and Market view from the Drive Through lane

There’s a lot of work to be done as we haven’t started the approval process through the city, let alone set foot on the site yet.  But we are making great progress nonetheless.  Here’s how you can help!  Being a patient in our clinic, and being a regular customer at REDBAR obviously has a direct impact.  YOU are putting bricks on the building and we greatly appreciate you.  But you can multiply your impact, and at the same time make a massive impact on the lives of those you love and care for.  By referring your friends and family, you make a lot of things happen.  So rather than ask for handouts, which we’ve never done, we are asking for the opportunity to work WITH you in changing lives and this city as a whole.  Can you help us by spreading the word with everyone you know we can help?  The Liberation motto is “Protect LIFE….Maximize POTENTIAL”, and each of you is an integral part of making that a reality far and wide!  Thank you for your efforts!  And if you have any comments about the property please leave them!


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