FOCUS: Achieving greater mental focus without medications

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Quick note for readers living on the Gulf Coast to let you know about a special event next Monday night January 18th.  Kelly Eubanks, intern graduating with her Doctorate of Chiropractic in March, is teaching a workshop on “FOCUS: Achieving greater mental focus from childhood to later life without neurologically damaging medications.”  If you or your children are taking medications for ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep pills, etc I plead for you to plan to attend this event.  The pharmaceutical industry is running wild with these “lifestyle drugs” and “designer pharmaceuticals” with no intention on you ever escaping them once you’ve been on too long.  There are other ways, safer ways, to achieve your needs and escape the unknown future mental declines we as a society are yet to see these drugs cause.

Event starts at 6:45PM next Monday January 18th at Liberation Chiropractic on Tanner Williams Road in West Mobile.  Remember that event attendees get a 15% discount on supplements which often drops your cost lower than you can find even online.

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Doctor Bucknell has served as the USA Judo, Wrestling and Weightlifting teams’ wellness advisor and team doctor at the 2012 Olympics. He served as the NBC Local 15 – Gulf Coast’s correspondent at the Olympic Games in London. He has previously served as a Colorado Rapids travel doctor.