Health is a Habit, not an Achievement

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How do you break a habit?  Distraction.  Close off time.  Shift priorities.  Attention to purpose, and ideals.  

Why are so few people healthy, really healthy, and for life (unlike short term crash diets or boot camps)?  Because health is a habit, not a short term target.  The same rules for breaking a bad habit apply to creating a good one.  People are distracted by an endless abyss of TV, internet, games, social media, etc.  Who has time for health when you have to work to pay for the TV/internet/cell phone bills, plus the leisure activities and vacations to take your mind off the work you put in to pay for it all?  Our priorities become working long hours, then numbing ourselves with “stuff” and all the above.  Then one day we realize we are well away from where we’d like to be, often way out of reach of it, but how do you change now?  No time, too expensive to get there, too exhausted, so we revert quickly from brazen short term attempts back to pacification by distraction, and avoiding the uncomfortable confrontation with conviction.

This is a cultural problem, one which nobody in a position of economical power wants accounted for as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and therefore government profit immensely from it’s persistence.  So the solution has to be an individual commitment.  You have to create a habit of health, closing off time with solid double yellow lines, disallowing distractions from taking priority, and repeating daily your purpose and the ideals you’re committed to in both your words and actions.  You have to maintain integrity with yourself, when nobody else is looking, to make the right choices that add to your health rather than take it away leading to dysfunction and dis-ease.

The best part about a habit is they’re hard to break.  That’s why you should never look at health as an achievement.  When you achieve victory in a soccer match, the game is over so you can stop playing.  When people achieve victory on a scale, get correction on their x-rays, or other health “goals” they often stop playing as well.  So change your mindset to creating habits.  I have many healthy habits, like brushing my teeth twice a day, taking vitamins, getting adjusted once a week, getting 2-4 hours of intense exercise a week, making good food choices, NOT taking medications (haven’t in about 18 years), and not overindulging in the things I know I shouldn’t.  Good genetics didn’t land upon me, GOOD HABITS did. 

Dr. Mike Bucknell

START TODAY!  Which of these good habits are you currently not repeating daily, weekly, or even monthly?  We’d love to help you get started again no matter where you’re at.  Don’t let the climb deter you, the first step up is the only way.  Call us NOW at 251-607-0040 or send us a message and we can start where it best fits for you.

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