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This is the followup event to the DEAFiciency workshop where Dr. Bucknell uncovers the most widespread deficiencies today. In this event heexpands on the maintenance diets and protocols to ensure you and your family don’t fall into these categories which are the underlying and undeniably intentfull reasons behind much chronic illness we see today.You can watch the DEAFiciencies FULLFILLED workshop on our Youtube channel.

Your brain consumes about 20% of the oxygen used by your whole body which is an incredible amount considering it only weighs about 3lbs! Oxygen drives energy, metabolism, and kills Cancer cells. It’s not as simple as just breathing. Oxygen usage must be considered in terms of not just Saturation, but Efficiency as well. From regular Exercise to new techniques like Hyperbarics, this is a core requirement of the body to function well. You only live minutes without oxygen.


Water makes up 90% of your body so what do you think happens when your fluid intake is nothing but Sweet Tea and Soda Like Oxygen, Saturation is important so by law as you increase Body Fat (BMI) your percentage of water decreases accordingly. Low Hydration means more “stagnation” in the body which reduces efficiency of nutrient delivery, oxygen delivery, and toxin elimination. So well-purified, clean water removing contaminants, chlorine, flouride, and heavy metals such as Copper is a necessity on a daily basis. You only live a few days without water.


Consider your diet for a moment. What percentage is packaged foods, conventional raised meats, conventional dairy, sugars, grains, and starches  What percentage is organic vegetables and fruits. Even with a good diet as described ahead, it is difficult to get enough quality nutrients because of availability and soil depletion. So “Whole Food” supplementation is practically unavoidable and in some cases like Iodine, Magnesium, and Vitamin K we see epidemic deficiencies.


Recent studies conclude that no matter how hard you try, you will not avoid toxicity. It is everywhere, and multitudes higher in the US then other developed nations. This is a two part process; avoidance/reduction, and elimination which both require much diligence to understand and implement. At this time it appears detoxification is even more important than multivitamins.


Due to western culture sun exposure has dwindled and as a result Vitamin D deficiencies are epidemic. Though this is important, there’s more to the sun than just D production. Daily sun exposure needs to be a daily ritual.


The key to physical balance outside of injury and deformity is optimal Nerve System function. The Nerve System controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the entire body. Signs of damaged nerve system function include incoordination, instability, and posture distortion. Many activities such as Chiropractic Care, regular exercise, vibration therapy, and movement based activities all show great benefit to long term physical and neurological retention.


Stress levels, depression, anxiety, and divorce are at all-time highs. At the same time sleep, general rest, prayer/meditation, and other “quality time” activities are significantly declined. At fault seems to be the trend of “work, eat, watch TV”. It is clear that there needs to be a deliberate schedule in place to maintain optimal mental balance.


  • NO SUGAR: Sugar is Glucose which drives a disastrous cascade of negative effects.
  • NO GRAINS: Grains convert to Glucose, so no breads, pasta, rice, etc.
  • NO ALCOHOL: Converts straight to sugar.
  • NO FRUITS: Still drives up sugar though to a smaller, healthier degree.
  • NO STARCHY VEGETABLES: Includes Potatoes, Carrots, and other root vegetables.
  • NO SOY or CORN: GMO crops that are just flat out bad.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: All chemicals that have their own list of detrimental effects.
  • NO PORK, SHRIMP, SHELLFISH, CATFISH, SQUID, etc. No dog, cat, horse, snake, or other animal unfit for consumption either. All these things are dirty and unhealthy.
  • NO VEAL…it’s just cruel.
  • Drastically limit intake of Organic Beans (make sure if in can it is BPA free!), Organic Valencia ONLY Peanut Butter, and other Organic Nuts and Seeds.
  • Limit intake of Dairy products, but ONLY Grass Fed Organic (milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc)
  • Eat 3 meals a day at the table, NO eating after dinner, NO between meal snacks.
  • Limit meat intake to 25% of total food intake. Meats should be limited to the following:
    • Grass Finished Organic Beef or Bison, or Wild Deer (Venison)
    • Naturally Raised Organic Chicken Eggs from healthy chickens
    • Organic Free Range or Wild Poultry including Turkey, Chicken, Pheasant, Duck, etc
    • Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, NOT FARM RAISED or “Atlantic”
    • Wild Caught Fish that have BOTH fins and scales except Tuna, but be careful of environmental contaminants from Oil Spills etc (Tilapia for example is usually Farm raised)
  • Limit SUGAR, GRAINS, ALCOHOL, and Starchy Vegetables to very small irregular amounts.
  • Fresh Organic In-Season fruits grown locally.
  • Organic Tempeh or Miso only, otherwise NO SOY.
  • NO CORN unless you can verify it it Organic and Heirloom which should still be limited.
    • No dog, cat, horse, snake, or other animal unfit for consumption either.
    • All these things are dirty and unhealthy.
  • NO VEAL…it’s still cruel.
  • Small amounts of Organic Beans (make sure if in can it is BPA free), eat ONLY Organic Valencia Peanut Butter, and Organic Nuts and Seeds.
  • Moderate amounts of Grass Fed, Organic ONLY Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc)
  • Eat 3 meals a day at the table, limit snacks in between meals and after dinner.


  • 25-hydroxyvitamin D Blood Spot Test from ZRT Labs: Optimal Level is 50-70 ng/ml
  • Holman Omega 3 Blood Spot Test from Lipid Technologies: Optimal AA/EPA ratio is <4:1
  • Meta-Ox Free Radical Test from Systemic Formulas: Optimal Score 0-3
  • Iodine Patch Test and Waking Temperature Test


It’s worth noting that most people’s intestinal systems are under severe stress and are malfunctional. From digestive enzyme production, to gut and intestine health there often are many complications that limit effectiveness of nutritional programs if not first addressed.

Systemic Formula’s GI Wellness Protocol is designed as a two part process in clearing out the intestinal system and re-establishing microbiome integrity.


Whole Food Multi-Vitamin Mineral

Maintenance Adult Dose:
1 Scoop Systemic Formulas Accell Meal Complete plus 1 Tablespoon Designs for Health Paleogreens
Alternative: Systemic Formulas Spectra 1 (2 capsules) & Spectra II (2 droppers)
Additional Support: Baseline Nutritionals Catalyst Altered Minerals
Maintenance Child Dose (50lbs):
1 Teaspoon Designs for Health Paleogreens


If deficiency exists on Lab Test, your Doctor will give you recommended dosage protocol based on test results.

Maintenance Adult Dose:
5,000iu per day with K2 plus moderate regular sunlight
1 Designs for Health Vitamin D Supreme plus 1 Designs for Health NeuroMag

Maintenance Child Dose (50lbs):
2 drops Designs for Health Emulsi-D3 liquid

Maintenance Infant Dose:
1 drop every 2-3 days Designs for Health Emulsi-D3 liquid

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If deficiency exists on Lab Test, your Doctor will give you recommended dosage protocol based on test results. The best oil should contain ALA, EPA double amount of DHA, and GLA plus Omega-3 cofactors

Maintenance Adult Dose: 3,000mg per day
1 teaspoon Nutriwest Complete Hi-Potency Omega 3 Liquid plus 1-3 Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors

Maintenance Child Dose (50lbs): 900mg DHA2.6/EPA1 per day
8 Nutriwest Complete Children’s EPA/DHA plus 2 Complete Children’s Co-Factors Chewables

Mitochondrial Health & Glutathione

Systemic Formulas Mitochondrial Integrity Protocol followed by Systemic Formulas IDS Intracellular Detox System to restore function if results of Meta-Oxy Test are high

Maintenance Adult Dose: 680mg Acetyl-l-carnation, 240mg Alpha-lipoid Acid, 10mg CoQ10, 240mg N-Acetyl Cysteine,  and 21grams Whey Protein
4 Nutriwest Complete AG, 4 Nutriwest Complete Glutathione, and 2/3 scoop Designs for Health Whey Cool

Maintenance Child Dose (50lbs): 120mg N-Acetyl Cysteine and 7grams Whey Protein
2 Nutriwest Complete Glutathione plus 1/4 scoop Designs for Health Whey Cool

Resveratrol and Curcumin

Maintenance Adult Dose: 100mg Resveratrol,  200mg Curcumin (Tumeric)
2 Nutriwest Complete Neuro or 1 Systemic Formulas ROX  Super Antioxidant with Resveratrol

NOTE: If not taking Systemic Formulas Access Meal Complete or other formula with Resveratrol as your Multi, then double these doses.


If tests are positive or you have a previously diagnosed Thyroid condition, consult with Doctor for specific protocol such as starting with Systemic Formulas Thyroid Support Protocol

Maintenance Adult Dose: 12.5mg per day
1 Systemic Formulas TMI Thyroid Metabolism + Iodine daily

Alternative: After 30-90 days on TMI you may be able to switch to Iodine Synergy

Medium Chain Saturated Fats

Raw Organic Coconut Oil builds ATP for energy without requiring glucose or insulin which fuels your brain, body, while tumor and Cancer cells starve from lack of dietary sugars

Maintenance Adult Dose: 
1 Tablespoon Wilderness Family Naturals Raw Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil daily

If dementia such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s is diagnosed or suspected, take 1 Tablespoon with each meal and before bed

Want to know more about the Biblical application of the dietary rules covered tonight?

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Doctor Bucknell is a licensed and board certified Doctor of Chiropractic, well-known wellness expert on radio and TV, accomplished author, patent-holding inventor, and entrepreneur. He is extension faculty of Life University, served as the USA Judo, Wrestling, and Weightlifting team's Wellness Advisor and Team Doctor, and NBC Local 15 Gulf Coast's correspondent at the 2012 London Olympics.